Sunday, November 6, 2011

Singapore. "Flash floods due to rain", of course they are!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper "Today" of Oct 31, 2011 had this story "Flash floods due to rain"! It was about the almost daily flooding that happens in the island these days after every downpour.

But the title insults our intelligence, by stating the obvious. Flash floods due to rain? Of course they are! What did you expect? Flash floods due to fire! It has to be due to rain, what else!

I have been observing the progressive decline of the standards of Singapore journalism. One shouldn't be surprised. It is well known that Singapore has a ranking as low as 147 by Reporters Without Borders for it's lack of independence. In fact it is about as low as Somalia or North Korea. Not surprisingly anyone with any self respect and some ability in journalism shuns working for Singapore newspapers if they ever wanted to work for any other paper anywhere else for the unfavorable stigma it attaches. Singapore newspapers are seen as pariahs in the trade and anyone who works for it as a thoroughly unscrupulous charlatan who would do anything for money.

Which explains why you get nonsense such as this. It was probably written by some Mainland China recently arrived immigrant who are brought in by the planeloads and given some schooling in English and let loose at their newspapers, to replace all the other journalists who had earlier emigrated to Australia.

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Anonymous said...

The Old Fart legacy.

Parliamentarians who do not know how the system works. They have forgot how to deal with the alternative members.

Lawyers who do not practice law. The peak body even broke the laws in debarring its unwelcomed member.

Public servants who are serving themselves more than the public.

Journalists who cannot write not because they can't, but because they do not dare.

CEOs of PAP connected companies making fools of themselves because the jobs are beyond their capabilities.

She went on to clarify her comments. “I never said that I didn’t recognise it’s crowded … I accept it’s crowded. The point is, in comparison with others, we’ve yet to push people into the train,” she said, referring to Japan and some parts of China.

Are they afraid that the old man with wobbly legs will erupt and remove their undeserved entitlement.

Not a country worth returning to.

mycroft said...

"The Marina Barrage is the result of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s vision nearly two decades ago when he envisaged damming the mouth of the Marina Channel to create a freshwater reservoir" - PUB Website

Today daren't print the real truth: Flash floods caused not so much by heavy rainfall as by Jonah's brainchild - the cursed Marina Barrage.

Singapore has always had heavy rainstorms which usually come and go harmlessly but now we have flooding where no floods have ever gone before, thank you Mr Lee. Another winner from your great leader who gave you eugenics Singapore-style, graduate mothers only please, a population relentlessly hollowing-out, Mandarin or your life, foreign 'talent' sex workers, and let's not forget: no retirement, no pensions, no healthcare if you have no money. To name but a few of his other accomplishments.

For a media whore as attracted to the limelight like a moth to a flame, he's unaccountably no longer quite so eager as before to claim all the credit for raising the water table throughout the island to such a level that it has now become well high impossible for surface water to drain away quickly enough, regardless of the number of pumps used to empty the reservoir.

Stlll, Lee did soak the rich for the first time in his life when his floods hit the luxury shops and homes along Orchard Road - again and again. Let us be grateful for small mercies. Well done and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

2c thought

Actually, the FLASH FLOODS were caused by Lee Kuan Yew's autocratic idea to dam the Marina, but the media were told to BLAME IT ON THE RAIN.

So, you have this slip

to divert attention from the culprit.

Russ said...

Here is a link for the total world debt clock, interesting that you can compare each country's debt, Singapore is now worse than the USA or Canada for example. This data would make an interesting article for your site.

Russ said...

Here is a link for total world debt and it allows you to compare each country's debt, you can see that Singapore's debt is now worse than Canada or the USA for example and those countries are not doing too well either. The whole western world with it's socialism is going to go down the tubes as can be read about at


Anonymous said...

To the commenter who posted about the Marina Barrage, that's very interesting! Would you care to elaborate a bit more? Shame on the SG government if that's true.