Sunday, November 6, 2011

Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew claims he is not mad

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Nov 07, 2011 has the story "Decease "has not affected my mind will or resolve": Lee Kuan Yew". The story says, while planting a tree at his Tangong Pagar Constituency, he said "I have no doubt at all that this (his neurological disorder which causes him to walk crooked) has not affected my mind, my will or resolve".

What is worrying about his statement is his "resolve" which begs the
question,"resolve" for what? If history is anything to go by, we know he had a great deal of resolve, which has resulted in great pain and agony to countless of his citizens. He was revolved to destroy the opposition and put every single member of it in prison for long periods, as Chia Thai Poh, a living victim of it, here to tell the tale. His great resolve ensured the total subjugation of the press. His resolve put every single peaceful protester behind bars and that same resolve completely neutralized the country's constitution. To Singaporeans on the whole, if indeed he has this resolve, it is not something to rejoice but a big reason to continue their lives cowering in fear as they live today in Singapore; in fear of Lee Kuan Yew's resolve.

But on the other hand I am not sure whether he knows what he is actually talking about, being 88 years old and a thoroughly crooked man who walks crooked as well. He is not a doctor and is in no position to diagnose himself. In any case Hitler all along thought he was completely normal but in truth we all know he was as mad as the Hatter.

I don't think anyone should pay any attention to him. My hope of course is that one day he should be tried for the crimes he committed just as President Pinochet but he probably will escape the law by dying anytime soon, just as Pinochet did.

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mycroft said...

"I've no doubt at all that this hasn't affected my mind, my will nor my resolve. People in wheelchairs can make a contribution. I still got two legs, I'll make a contribution."

Well he would say that, wouldn't he? He's been regurgitating that BS line ever since he 'retired' as PM in 1990 - only he and he alone is qualified to decide when to depart the political scene (read: 'over my dead body'). It appears that with his condition of sensory peripheral neuropathy even his legs have had the sense to quit, aged 88, but not Mr Know-it-all. How much longer till his mouth opens before engaging brain to cause an embarrassing diplomatic incident? Some might say that's already happened.

The whole notion is of course completely barmy and knowingly dishonest. He actually expects people to believe that he would be capable of deciding his own unfitness for purpose even while in the grip of drooling senility and incontinence both mental and physical. That pig-headedness alone ought ot be warning that he's already more than one card short of a full pack.

Notice that all his interviews these days are carefully scripted with no awkward or probing questions permitted because that would leave him lost for words and gasping like a goldfish as Dr Chee showed by cross-examining him in the witness box some years ago. As is obvious to everyone else, the man's way past it and clearly the albatross retarding Singapore's natural evolution into a proper 21st century democracy.

That old adage sure had it right...... the patient who diagnoses himself has a fool for a doctor.

phyllo said...

when lky finally uplorry, i wonder if people would be ordered out of their homes to line the street and bow their heads. mcys staff were apparently ordered to line thomson road for kwa geok choo cortege.

Anonymous said...

LKY is not mad, he just believe that he is the Never-wrong Emperor, going around tell Aljunied voters all kinds of bullsh*t.
He is kind of the legendary Emperor with no clothes.
But having lived in his Cloud in the Sky world, he does not make much sense.
But Singaporean voters are even dumber, they still thought he is fully clothed.

Anonymous said...

lky is a f++king idiot. How can he allow Justice of Appeal V K Rajah to sit on the Court of Appeal in Dr Susan Lim's case. He was from Rajah & Tann LLP and Lee Eng Beng SC counsel for Susan Lim is from Rajah & Tann LLP. Biased 100%

May be now he walks crooked so the Supreme Court judges can be crooked.