Friday, November 25, 2011

Singapore. Living off dirty money

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What is it that keeps Singapore going today? What comes to mind are a few things, one Casinos, 3 of them recently constructed to attract gamblers from all over the world to Singapore and making money off them. In other words living off vice.

Second you have tourism, just like every where else has it too, nothing particularly noteworthy in Singapore's case.

Third you have money laundering, from Burmese drug lords to Indonesian bank embezzlers, including the notorious Robert Mugabe family of Zimbabwe who stack their ill gotten gains there from which Singapore makes money. Again in essence vice.

Fourth you have land sales to these rich crooks from around the world at astronomical prices in land scarce Singapore. Unfortunately for Singapore, there is only that much land and this source too is fast dying out.

Fifth, you have legalized prostitution in a suburb called Geylang, set aside for this purpose, which is so specialized that it in fact has segregated sections for women from a particular part of the world, for instance 3 roads reserved for Chinese prostitutes, another 3 for Burmese and for Indian and Filipino and so on. Recently a particular area has been allotted for Central Asian women who being Caucasian looking are attracting very brisk business. A sizable number of tourists come to Singapore especially to engage in prostitution who are given work visas for the purpose while sex tourism is on the rise from which Singapore continues to profit. Prostitutes are given visas under the euphemism of social workers. They are required to have medical check up regularly for sexually transmitted deceases and if they default, their visas are revoked. Living off immoral earnings is what it is.

Sixth you have some manufacturing of weapons including the dreaded cluster bombs which Singapore coninues to sell to regimes and juntas despite world condemnation, regardless of their cause including militants and guerrillas in Africa as well as to pariah governments such as Zimbabwe and Burma, countries that repress, suppress and torture their own people and deny their rights. For Singapore it appears, all that matters is money, never mind how you make it.

In order to prevent anyone from questioning these disgraceful practices Singapore denies press freedom, controlling and owning the entire press and media, arresting and imprisoning anyone who criticizes them by denying their constitutional rights of free speech and jailing anyone who protests against these injustices.

Unfortunately for this Singapore dictatorship, this sort of repression is backfiring. With Singapore's increasingly educated population, they are increasingly showing their displeasure to these blatant acts of repression and suppression. Increasing numbers of educated Singaporeans continue to leave their shores for settlement abroad instead of accepting this nonsense while Singapore's reliance on dirty money for survival becomes more and more a a cause of embarrassment than anything else.

What is worse the routine abuse of the law to stifle dissent, where government compliant judges are used to bend the law to punish known critics such as the well known opposition politician and martyr Dr. Chee Soon Juan is beginning to adversely affect even Singapore's money laundering business, as the fear is that if the government can abuse the law to punish government critics, what guarantee is there that they will not similarly abuse the law to deny the rights of money launderers?

The lack of the rule of law has seriously affected Singapore's attempt to be an international arbitration center as Hong Kong and Australia in the region continue to grow as Singapore's continues to shrink.

Today there is no one who could criticize the Singapore government and expose their true colours from within Singapore as I do here, as they would be immediately arrested, tortured and deprived of a livelihood the very instant. Which is why the only way that one can speak his mind about Singapore is from the outside, not from within Singapore.

As if all this is not bad enough, Chinese immigrants from Mainland China are bought into Singapore and given instant citizenship to replace the educated and English speaking Singaporeans who are leaving en masse for settlement abroad. These mostly unskilled Chinese immigrants are reducing productivity and competitiveness further damaging the economy, which explains why you would be probably served won ton mee if you ordered Chicken rice at Singapore's Changi Airport. The recently arrived Chinese waitress has no clue what you are talking about. Furthermore the reproductive rate is the lowest in the world while local Singaporeans either die off or leave the country to be replaced by these unskilled and non English proficient Mainland Chinese immigrants.

And with this blog as well as several other blogs from around the world, like vultures, we wait to see how long more for Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

For decades now, both father and son, Lee Kuan Yew and son, who are the Singapore government have gone around the capitals of the world like Melbourne and Sydney begging the Singapore diaspora, hat in hand, to return, but should anyone be suprised that so far no one is preapred to take the bait?

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Anonymous said...

The influx of Chinese peasants into Singapore is another immoral act of the old fart. It is to provide convenient protection for his useless son at the expense of
native Singaporeans who are penalised in jobs, housing, school
places and scholarships. In the event of any riots, uprising or external threats, all they have to do is to press the panic button and the Chinese leaders will send
their army to protect their 2 million Chinese peasants here.
The old fart and his wife actually
planned this 30 to 40 years ago by
curbing the birth rate of every family at 2 to allow current space
for the immigrants. At that time,
he also banned all public usage of Chinese dialects by introducing the Speak Mandarin campaign so that
the immigrants do not have any language problems here. Many young
Chinese Singaporeans were severely penalised because to gain entry into the local university, they had to score very good grades in Chinese. The wealthy ones were forced to go overseas for their tertiary education.

Anonymous said...

pap's white shirts should be blood red.

Anonymous said...

Mexican human rights activists have asked the International Criminal Court to investigate President Felipe Caldéron, as well as top officials and the country's most-wanted drug trafficker, accusing them of allowing subordinates to kill, torture and kidnap civilians.

So, what's stopping you from doing the same thing to Lee Kuan Yew and his son?

Anonymous said...

Only 2 casinos in SG, not 3.

Anonymous said...

one more is coming st john island jsut wait and see.

Singapore O$P$ said...

It does not mstter whether 2 or 3. Singapore govt like to keep secrets.

Also, the revenue from the 2 casinos already surpass that of Las Vegas.

So, I will not be surprised if the 3rd casino is in the pipeline.