Saturday, November 5, 2011

Singapore's Bedok Reservoir, the favorite spot to kill yourself or murder someone.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Nov 6, 2011 reports "Another body found in Bedok Reservoir on Saturday morning". The report says "Police said they received a call at 9.15 am informing them a body, believed to a be a Chinese male, in the waters in the reservoir".

The frightening thing about this particular reservoir is that just within the last 3 months, 10 floating dead bodies have been found, half of them murdered and the other half suicides.

It has attracted so much notoriety by these daily floating dead bodies that Singaporeans, a generally superstitious people, consider it haunted and many have reported seeing apparitions and have heard screams at night. It is no longer a place that people go to for recreation and even on weekends the place has become totally deserted.

In fact real estate agents have reported a surge in sales of people trying to get rid of their apartments nearby and moving out and the general drop in HDB housing prices near Bedok Reservoir, as people fear living near the haunted lake.

Knowing to what extent Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore has descended in the last decade or so, with about third of Singaporeans living in poverty in their one room rented apartments (no one owns their property in Singapore as it is all rented to the public by the Singapore Government Agency HDB), it is not surprising to see both violent crime and suicides sky rocketing in the sardine packed overcrowded tiny island of Singapore.

In fact today, despite Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's protestations that it is the safest city in the world, in fact, if anyone dared walking along Singapore streets at night, they will see that neighbouring Jakarta Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur Malaysia are far safer places.

Other than murders the most common crimes include knife point robbery of residents travelling alone in an HDB elevator. If you do, there is a very good chance you will be held up with a knife and relieved of your wallet or handbag in addition to being stabbed repeatedly or even murdered. The situation has become so bad in Singapore that many women refuse to travel alone in an elevator and instead travelling only with male friends or relatives. As most people live in very high rise pigeon hole like apartments, this need to be accompanied causes a severe strain on women throughout the island.

Another very common crime that occurs both day and night are men either on motorcycles or on foot who dash past you and grab your handbag. This crime happens in every street in Singapore and if you bothered to stake out any street for sufficient time, you would at least see one or two of these.

A crime that is alarming in it's blatancy which one could not have even imagined before is robbery at knife point of pedestrians in the public within view of others. There are several instances of cases where men and even women come up to someone in open view, stick them up and make off with their handbag.

This rampant increase of crime throughout the island is alarming especially since punishments are very harsh in the island. Every single robbery and violent crime not only results in a prison sentence, it also mandates the criminal to be severely beaten (caning). In any other place such tortuous punishment would have deterred criminals from this. But it appears not so in Singapore.

This ten fold increase in murders, floating dead bodies in lakes, robberies in elevators and in broad daylight is caused by several reasons. The indiscriminate entry of Chinese thugs from Mainland China, India and other neighbouring impoverished countries for sweat shop work is one such reason. The second is the dire financial straits that Singaporeans have been brought down to due entirely to Lee's failed economic and social policies.

With the Singaporean component of the population continuing to decrease even further and very soon disappearing altogether and with the population comprised by a majority population of Mainland Chinese and other foreigners containing a large proportion of thugs, things are getting much worse.

I understand the Lee Kuan Yew government has sent out instructions to their state controlled newspapers not to report any more floating bodies found on Bedok Reservoir or any other lake in Singapore but in a small sardine packed island like that, you cannot keep out the bad news. It is simply impossible

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