Sunday, November 6, 2011

Singapore Joke, suicides at Bedok Reservoir

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A poor Singaporean pauper was tired of waiting in line everywhere for help. He was tired and starving. He had to wait hours in line at his Member of Parliament office to ask for bread. He had to wait hours in line at a homeless shelter for a place to sleep. He was tired of waiting in line and decided to kill himself afterall at Singapore's Bedok Reservoir, the favorite suicide haunt.

When he got there, someone asked him what he was doing when he walked straight to the reservoir to which he answered he had just about had it and was going to die, to which the man asked him whether he knew what they all were doing there? He was told that there is a long line of people waiting to kill themselves, and that if he wanted to kill himself, he should stand in line and wait his turn like everyone else.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California


Anonymous said...

When you go to seek for financial or any other help from the Government, you become a nuisance and a social burden.
It is more depressing and disheartening if you are aged and sick and try to ask for social medical assistance.
The truth of the whole matter is that in their minds they will be relieved and happy if you go to the Bedok Reservoir to try swimming there and never come back or go to the highest HDB residential building to take that plunge to end your miseries and sufferings as well as theirs.
Do they really care? The answer is obvious No,not at all. In fact, they would secretly encourage you to do it.
Don't forget that one old,sick unproductive, useless Singaporean self-disposed off,can be easily and quickly replaced by hundreds of forein talents who are more of an economic asset to Singapore and the Government.
Get rid of all the garbage,clutter and "useless "digits" to keep our city clean, green and prosperous, would be their policy.

In Singapore,you will be surprised to know that suicide, the ultimate solution to the depression and miseries of the citizen lurks in many of us. Blame it on the P.A.P or the P.M they would say for sure.
Take the 5km stroll around the Bedok Reservoir and you can feel the melancholy,depression, hopelessness vibes of the Singapore situation.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

The joggers around Bedok Reservoir did not hear the silent screams of those who fell off Lee Kuan Yew Treadmill. They are too ashamed to seek help.

And I am ashamed of this country because I know that people at one time or other, need temporary help to get out of bad situations.

In countries like Australia, the per capita income may be lower than Singapore, but we pride ourselves that we are ever refining the welfare system, Centrelink (assists people to become self-sufficient and supporting those in needs). The Commonwealth government is also implementing the mental health reform after consultation with the community.

When Lee Kuan Yew exercises on his health therapy treadmill, I wonder if he cares enough to remember that there are many people out there who do get frail but are not as lucky as he is.

When he criticises Aussie welfare and human services, he insults the dignity of people who need help. No system is perfect. It is better to have welfare cheats in the system than to miss those who genuinely need help.