Thursday, November 3, 2011

Singapore. The time for race based political parties.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore, a predominantly ethnic Chinese populated city, so populated through the design of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew has today a mere 12% or so Malay population and 10% or so Indian (predominantly Tamil) population. It was not meant to be so, had natural forces been at work, as Malays have much more children than anyone else, while the Indians were a far greater number in the past, but were overtaken by the hordes of Chinese immigrants intentionally brought in to make sure they are in the far greater majority than anyone else.

And with this flood of Chinese immigration from China, you have state sanctioned racial discrimination. You can hear the stories of this sort of thing happening everyday from the Indians and Malays. Not a day goes by when you do not hear that one Indian was fired from his job only to be replaced by a Chinese. You hear of jobs being denied Malays or Indians, reserved for Chinese, promotion denied for Malays and Chinese and advertisements clearly stating that only Chinese need apply.

Yet in spite of such blatant state sponsored racial discrimination, the government continues to claim no such thing and labels anyone who fights for the rights of people of their own race as racists and anti-social, with the threat of arrest under the Internal Security Act and detention without trial.

We have to tell the Lee Kuan Yew government of Singapore that they cannot have it both ways. You simply cannot discriminate against Indians or Malays and when they resist, label them racist and jail them. This is simply not on.

In the face of the daily curse of disgraceful racial discrimination against Malays and Indians, I say the time is now. Stand up. Malays should form Malay rights parties and demand rights for the Malays, which they are entitled to. Indians should form Indian parties and cry out for an end to this disgraceful racial discrimination being perpetrated against their citizens.

You can no longer afford to be afraid. State openly that Malays demand for Malay rights and Indians demand Indian rights for equality and justice under the Constitution.

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