Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Singaporeans, a helpless people resigned to their fate under the heel of Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An observer from elsewhere will no doubt conclude that Singaporeans are a society ever resigned to their fate under the heel of Lee Kuan Yew's government.

Only yesterday, the government declared their intention to increase the tiny island’s population to an astronomical 6.9 million by 2030. With an area of just 16 miles from North to South and 26 miles across, it already is already the most crowded piece of real estate in the world with 5.3 million. How are you going to cram another 2 million or so, but the bigger reason is why?


But being incapable of doing anything real such as organizing peaceful protests island wide, they simply do nothing. It is if the entire island is overcome with an all consuming fear of the government that they have gone into default mode of total inaction.

Take another case. Although the Constitution demands equal treatment for all races, the government has themselves without any legal basis, decided to have larger numbers of ethnic Chinese which now stands at about 79% while Indians and Malay population is deliberately shrunk almost out of existence. Singapore in its early days was an entirely Malay fishing island. There were no Chinese or Indians there. First the British, then Lee  brought in increasing numbers of Chinese to boost their number thus resulting in the Malays population to shrink to no more than about 10% today. Only yesterday a government minister reports that she will ensure that the Malay population numbers will remain the same. Have the Malays of Singapore even considered her statement? She has no right to keep the Malay numbers at any particular figure. It is really up the Malays how quickly they procreate and there is nothing in the law requiring the island to continue as a Chinese city. After all the history of bringing in hundreds of thousands of Chinese into the island was itself illegal and unconstitutional.

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In any other country in the world the Malays who are Muslims would have gone on a Jihad to stop the government from discriminating them and denying their rights.

Unfortunately for Singapore, the Malays are capable of no such thing. They have stood idly by while a foreign people, namely the Chinese, have progressively swamped their island while their own numbers have been reduced to what is now. The Singapore Malays are incapable of action as are the Muslims in other parts of the world who appear to have some courage to stand up to injustice.

I urge the Malays in Singapore to stand up to their rights. The word Jihad does not necessarily mean an armed revolution. It also means peaceful resistance. An Intifada. I am against violence of any nature. I am asking the Malays of Singapore to stand up against this injustice to their people and immediately engage in a peaceful Jihad through peaceful protests to demand equal treatment under the law.

Your Malay leaders such as Yaccob Ibrahim in the Lee government have never been looking out for your interests but his own and in fact is an accomplice in putting you down and discriminating against you in favor of his masters, the ethnic Chinese majority government. He does it for money; lots of it. Remember, it is your island and you are being denied your rightful place in society. You are being discriminated in the island which belongs to you.

Lee and his government keep you in fear of doing anything real by threatening you with the ISD, detention without trial. I want to remind you that in this day and age, they cannot simply lock anyone away without having to account for it.

Remember in 2008, when I was arrested and jailed in Singapore for writing a critical blog post about their corrupt judiciary, in particular the disgraced Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean, there was a world wide hue and cry. They could not have done anymore to me even if they wanted, and they were forced to release me after holding me for 6 months.

Jufrie Mahmood of the Singapore Democrat Party understands your plight but he does not have the courage to do what is right. I call upon you to reach out to him and do something for his people. He is now sitting behind Chee Soon Juan of the SDP, obeying the orders to him to do nothing, and waiting for the Heavens to descend.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Supar Yop said...

As a Malaysian of malay ethnicity, I fully support your effort to challenge the malays to raise up , have guts and fight for their rights.

The chinese have no shame in any place they inhabited. While in Singapore they totally dominate the country with their supreme majority and economy power, in Malaysia even as minority they keep playing with fire by firing sensitive issues such as Malays special rights and even want to grab the name of Allah for their sake.
They never appreciate with waht they have but they keep asking for more..

Gopalan Nair said...

To Supar Yop,

I thank you for your comment but I think we are talking at cross purposes. The problem that the Malays in Singapore have is not with the Chinese of Singapore with whom they have lived harmoniously in earlier times. I too have had many good Chinese friends in school. The quarell they have is with the Lee Kuan Yew Singapore government's rascist superiority policies which they have decreed through their small brains in the island, with which the Singapore Chinese have gone along.

Thank you sir

Anonymous said...

On another topic....
I was looking at Strait Times online 4 minutes ago and was reading Wong Kan Seng's news regarding his speech on population increase in parliment. The number of critical comments this article received was unbelievable. Suddenly as I refreshed my webpage, the article was gone. ...

SG economy is very fragile, if you remember, the SARS episode, the economy / house prices took a plunge about the same time. I could see the value of my Executive HDB appt going south. I decided from then on that SG was not a place for me.....there is a serious problem at the way the country is being managed. You need fresh prespectives, and keep president scholars far far away from any policy making offices. They have done good for short term gains but have a bad scorecard for long term economic outcomes. Bring the next GE sooner...

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair, there's a peaceful protest planned for the 16th of Feb. If you could write about this, it could help your fellow Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Aryan-Dravidian said...

Nice post! "Yakult" Ibrahim is a disgrace to the Malay community as "Toupee" Tharman is to the Indians.