Monday, August 29, 2011

Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew's presidential clowns

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have seen the comical spectacle, tragic if you were a Singaporean who knew, of Singapore's recent presidential elections.

Four men, Tony Tan Keng Yam, a PAP affiliate, and 3 others, Tan Cheng Bok, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian, also PAP affiliates but truly impostors pretending to be something they are not, and clowns because they thought Singaporeans would in fact be fooled by them, contested the elections, which the first impostor Tony Tan Keng Yam won.

But in truth what had happened was not a election at all, it was a clown show, with these 4 clowns trying to impress upon gullible Singaporeans that they in fact went through an exercise in elections, to vote a ceremonial President into office!

In fact nothing like that happened.

All four of them were and are none other than Lee Kuan Yew's men and their purpose in these elections was to ensure that Lee will be able to continue ruling his oppressed people in the way he has done for the last 40 years, through his dictatorial rule.

In fact, none of them intended any change to the pathetic political scene which is Singapore today.

Lee Kuan Yew in collaboration with his state controlled media have put up this elaborate show of make believe opera which even the best Broadway theater would have found hard to match.

For instance, examine the case of this guy Tan Jee Say. Recall at the last parliamentary elections he had gone to Dr. Chee of the SDP who sadly fell for his trickery, and who claimed all sorts of things, such as his wanting to bring about democracy to the people.

But the moment he spoke, I could smell a rat, or rather a mole, a mile away. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Singapore would have known he was nothing other than a PAP fascist through and through. His credentials alone would have given the lie away.

It is reported, in his younger days, he served in the Singapore Civil Service, later worked as the personal secretary of Goh Chock Tong, Lee's right hand man. Tell me, how closer to the establishment can you get than this?

What he articulated was even more telling. He told Dr. Chee he was unwilling to criticize his former boss Goh Chock Tong because of his gratitude and respect for him! And all that he said would have been what the PAP would have said anyway, such as the immigrant problem, the evil of gambling and a few other popular general grouses.

Very carefully he side stepped the real problems facing Singaporeans in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. He had no complaints about Singapore's legal system being repeatedly misused to punish his own party chief Dr. Chee; he had no complaints about lack of the rule of law; no complaints about Lee controlling the entire Media; and no complaints about human right abuses.

Frankly he had no complaints at all about things that really matter for Singaporeans. And none for the cause of democracy in Singapore.

Yet he proudly claimed that the PAP should be checked in their excesses, by which he was actually saying that the PAP was wrong; yet he was not prepared to say it as it should.

And finally, I am sure we all agree that the litmus test of whether he is a PAP man is this. If he was the genuine product, he would not have been able to continue living in Singapore the way he was at all. He would have been repeatedly sued, fined and bankrupted a long time ago, just as Dr. Chee was or just as the late JB Jeyaretnam was.

Another obvious fact staring in our faces is this. Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled media was giving him very generous coverage, for him, his wife and his family all depicted in a positive respectful light, something we have never seen and will never see in the case of real political opposition in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

Come on, Tan Jee Say, who are you kidding? We all know who you are. And the same goes with the other 2 clowns Tan Cheng Bok and Tan Kin Lian. We all know who you are too. And it really angers me that Lee Kuan Yew takes Singaporeans for such dummies, that some of them actually believed that they were witnessing a real elected Presidency election!

Frankly, it would not have made one bit of difference is anyone of them had won the elections. It so happens that Tony Tan Keng Yam has won. But even if he did not, even if one of these other clowns had won, Lee Kuan yew would have been no less happy, as they too would have done exactly what Lee Kuan Yew wanted, which is licking his boots.

And I am going to tell this to the Singaporeans. My dear fellows, you are being taken for a ride. And in these recent clown show elections for the President you have been treated as monkeys, and some of you, sadly, have fallen for it.

Let me tell you the same thing I have repeatedly been saying. Unless you have the rule of law, a free press, freedom of speech and expression and every other right which normal human beings around the world are expected to have, Lee Kuan Yew would continue to take you for a ride as he has done this last time with his clown show presidential elections. If you do nothing about it, you will continue with your miserable lives under your master Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

If that is what you want, noone should try to persude you otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

Despite Lee Kuan Yew's claim of a first world country, Singapore did not rank in the world's most liveable city. Australian cities Melbourne ranked first, Sydney ranked sixth and Perth and Adelaide jointly ranked eighth.

Cities were scored on political and social stability, crime rates, access to quality health care, cultural events, the environment, education and the standard of infrastructure.

So what if Singapore is a first world country. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

those who are deemed a threat would never have been allowed to run in the first place. lky is not stupid. completely without scruples yes. completely in charge of his faculties also yes at least for mow.