Monday, August 31, 2009

Attorney Discipline Complaint details regarding Blossom Hing of Drew and Napier LLC, State Bar of New York

Ladies and Gentlemen,

About my last blog post on Blossom Hing Shan Shan, Drew and Napier LLC, Singapore, on possible ethical violations which may render her liable to be disbarred from the State Bar of New York, a reader has requested information on how to file a formal complaint. The details are:

Name in New York Registration: Blossom Hing
Her registration number: 4261319
Admitted to State Bar of New York: 2004
Presently working: Drew and Napier Singapore

Address to write to:

Department Disciplinary Committee for Attorneys New York
61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10006
Tel: (212) 401 0800

In your complaint,please state her registration number, name and date of admission. Please also note your original signature is necessary.

When writing please quote her profile particulars in the Drew and Napier LLC website where she works referring to having assisted other attorneys in her office to sue and bankrupt Dr. Chee Soon Juan and other political opponents of Lee Kuan Yew and his family.

The more details given the better. Please point out that when she was helping to bankrupt Dr. Chee and others to please Lee Kuan Yew, she knew the law was being abused and it was being used as a political tool to destroy Lee Kuan Yew's opponents. It is this dishonorable action that she so proudly proclaims in her experience.

Any other information you have would be useful. The essence of the complaint is her deliberately pursuing a court action when she knew or should have known that it is a misuse of the law.

The State of New York is one that upholds the rule of law and it will not tolerate dishonorable actions such as this by a lawyer for personal gain.


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Anonymous said...

Btw Mr Nair,

Do not forget to bring both the post on Blossom Hing forward to the month of September as the post was only about 2 days old as readers may have not read it yet.

Let all the current and prospective readers have a good view of this person/thing called human. To me she's more of a reptile.

30 days are better than 2.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair,
Hope you are doing well.

I found out more things about Blossom from this website.

License status: Due to reregister within 30 days of birthday

Last updated by Avvo: 09/19/2008

If I am her, I will not bother to re-register. A SMALL price to pay for serving a dictator.