Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Everyone can do their part. You should do it.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Remember everyone can do their part in the work of dismantling Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorial machine. Here, I write this blog. It is being read in Singapore. Widely. For the lies and falsities published in Lee Kuan Yew's newsletter, the Straits Times, I debunk it as it appears. Lee Kuan Yew and his men are fuming with anger over what I write. But there is nothing they can do. This is the Internet. And my story spreads slowly but surely and progressively inexorably. As Gorge Orwell said in 1984, when you can say 2 and 2 is 4, everything else follows. Yes, things are looking good. And write, I will.

I ask everyone out there, in Australia and abroad to write, to agitate, to organize and expose this tyranny. It is the effort of all of us. Each of us, including myself. We all can be proud of what we do, because each effort matters.

And when you write, please identify yourself. No need to fear. What hurts Lee the most is your willingness to identify yourself and tell it to his face. Once you do that, his confidence is shaken and he falters. When you hide under a disguise writing ghost letters, he knows he has you in his grips because you fear. Don't give him that advantage.

I write my name across anything I write. I want him to know that I am not afraid of him. This is what bothers him the most.

Lee Kuan Yew thinks he can control public opinion through his state controlled newspaper. You have a chance to prove him wrong. If enough of you write your mind, even fewer accept the news in it. His position is becoming increasingly untenable. So do your part, publicly.

Good luck.

Gopalan Nair
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Your letters are welcome. We reserve the right to publish your letters. Please Email your letters to And if you like what I write, please tell your friends. You will be helping democracy by distributing this widely. This blog not only gives information, it dispels government propaganda put out by this dictatorial regime.


Working Man said...

Is there anyway to subscribe to your blog? RSS or email updates?

Gopalan Nair said...

Hi Working man,
No need for subscription, it is free. Thanks

monkeysee said...

Umm, Gopalan, you should brush up on your Internet jargon. To subscribe to a blog means to get updates or notifications when new entries are made. This can be done by RSS-feeds or other means. It has nothing to do with paying. It is not subscription in the sense of payment to a magazine or newspaper.

Laurina said...

Hi Gopalan,

I am inspired by what you write and your passion to encourage other Singaporeans to do so.

I am at a university in Perth, Australia and am writing a paper on Singapore and the lack of individual rights. This is in contrast to the social stability that the government claims to have. I can find many Western reports on what they see as the lack of free speech, and there are many critics of the government outside Singapore. I am really curious to know what the Singaporean people think / believe though. It is apparent what your views are and I applaud you for them, but do you think they are common? So you think that people are mostly happy? Singapore is economically very well off by most standards and certainly for the S.E.A region, do you think that this lulls people into accepting the trade off of the lack of free speech? Or, do you believe they are even aware that there is a trade off?

Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Laurina Kersten

Gopalan Nair said...

Hi Lailu,
It is a misconception that Singaporeans are affluent, they live in pigeon hole size, apartments where thousands and thousands live in abject poverty and filth. People are not happy but there is nothing they could do. They are afraid. Singapore is a concrete jungle. If you have no food, you starve. People have deliberately kept ignorant of their rights. By and large they are helpless and ignorant. If they have the means, they leave Singapore to places like yours. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Lailu


Laurina said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. Can you give me examples of why? How do you feel on a daily basis living in Singapore? What would you like to be able to do? And how widely are your views the same as those around you?


Anonymous said...

Exactly a day after Mr Gopalan wrote about the Sheikh priest jailed for his belief an Indonesian newspaper printed a a news saying that the Singapore government is serious in maintaining religious harmony.

I bet they pay for that news to be printed. haha.

Just give up LKY the whole world knows now what kind of regime you build in Singapore


Anonymous said...

Hi Lailu,
I am happy to have "quit" Singapore and returned to Australia. Had no assets after working on that island for 8 years because it was just unaffordable. I was happy enough until I studied in Perth and then recognised the propaganda for what it was.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

I am a 29 year old Malay/ Singaporean living in London.
Been here for nearly five years and giving up my SG citizenship in favour of a British one next year.

I came across your blog by chance and I never knew a blog like this (critical of the Singapore government) ever exist.

I say good on you! And I look forward to the day LKY croaks. He will definitely burn well in hell.

PS: I intend to claim my CPF funds and use it to buy a nice, small summer house in the south of France!

Gopalan Nair said...


The one thing that that one feels in Singapore everyday is a sense of helplessness. The laws can be changed anytime, any civil servant can deny your applications anytime, your business can be taken away anytime, your job may be lost anytime; and you have no recourse whatsoever, because there is no rule of law.

The newspapers take you for a ride everyday, you do not know what is happening anytime, etc.

In other words, you are completely at the mercy of Lee Kuan Yew and his family.

This is how I felt. I did not like it.

Anonymous said...

Nair ,
like to bring you the attention that the alternative views of commenters have put those MPs, and NMPs into so much pathetic defence in p65 blog that they completely disallow comment anymore more than a month ago and you can't even view past comments. To say that these MPs and NMPs are not aware of comment error issue is pure hogwash as they are creating new post that only present their one-sided view as usual.

Do write something about p65 blog exposing their wayangness to engage the public.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous of Aug 7, 1052,
I think it is a waste of time even bothering with their websites about which no one bothers. Unless you are the RC type who would lick boots anytime, noone else bothers. They know it and we know it. I think that is more than enough. Thanks guy.

johnchan said...

happy national day nair

Gopalan Nair said...

To johnchan,

Same to you old boy. Happy National Day
Gopalan Nair

karma said...

I'm a Malaysian and we will topple our corrupt Government in the next election. Singapore is also no difference they must purge Lee family and return all billions to the public.