Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One of Singapore's most lucrative industries. The flesh trade.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A 20 year old Vietnamese woman, a Thai woman or a Chinese woman from the People's Republic of China will obtain a visa at the Singapore Embassies in Saigon (now Ho Chih Minh), Bangkok or Shanghai very easily, no questions asked. One look at her would tell even the dumbest of Singapore Visa Officers, why the woman is going to Singapore. She is certainly not coming to Singapore to look at the statue of Stamford Raffles at the waterfront. What else other than for prostitution in Geylang, Singapore's state sanctioned red light district. Yet the woman comes to Singapore in a breeze, no questions asked.

Geylang as you know is an area of about 5 miles square with numerous streets called Lorongs which are numbered in sequence, side streets and numerous back alleys. The prostitutes there are grouped according to nationalities. For example if you are looking for a Thai prostitute, you go to Lorongs 1 to 3. If your preference is Chinese, then Lorongs 4 to 6 and so on. The full list of countries is represented in this prostitution paradise of Singapore from Thailand to Nepal and even Russia, Belarus, Kazakistan and Uzbecks. I understand the ones who are more European looking command a higher premium.

And around these prostitutes, and entire segment of Singaporeans make a living. The 24 hour coffee shops do a roaring business, the Karaoke Lounges make money and so do the restaurants and the entire support businesses to cater for the mainstay prostitution business.

Last year, when I had to spend 2 months in Lee Kuan Yew's jail for criticizing a Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for her bias, my cell mates were 2 Vietnamese young men, one for having sold illegal cigarettes and another for being a street gambling croupier in this very place Geylang. This man told me that he had done a roaring business up till he was arrested. There was, he said a large street customer traffic who had gambled at his joint either before or after they had sex with the prostitutes, just as they may have had a cup of coffee or a meal.

I asked him why the prostitutes were not arrested while he was. According to him, the prostitutes from these diverse countries can stay in Singapore for literally as long as they want in this sex business. They will be given an initial 3 months stay as a visitor (which by the way, they are not), which they renew for another 3 months, and literally indefinitely, by taking a trip across the border to Johore Bahru and returning. My prison friend tells me they are never arrested. Even though living off these immoral earnings is illegal, there by making it illegal as well, under the statues, Singapore not only permits the women to ply their trade, they vigorously encourage it. I suppose in it a sizable segment of Singapore make a living in such as the hotels in the vicinity that charge by the hour, the restaurants, the condom dispensers, the pimps and the taxi drivers, all of whom rely on prostitution directly or indirectly.

It may bring money to the pockets of these Singaporeans but what is it doing to their moral fibre? A people literally living off prostitution. Is this not having a deleterious effect on the morality of Singapore's young? Did the forefathers of Singapore in 1959 intend Singapore to be another morally bankrupt society of sleaze or did they intend Singaporeans to be upstanding men of honor, learning and dignity?

For a country, Singapore, that has no qualms to be the third biggest trading partner of Burma and North Korea, should it be surprising that it is eager to earn revenue from prostitution? As you can see, they will do anything for money. The casinos are already being built, after which they can have another Singapore mainstay business activity in addition to prostitution; gambling.

For want of a better way to make a living, Singapore will get the reputation of immorality, if it does not already have. An island to which one goes to have sex and after that gamble, not necessarily in that order!

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mycroft said...

Gopalan, what the explosion in the sex and illegal gambling trade does demonstrate is how little day-to-day control the old boy now gets to exercise in Singapore. The reins of power he so firmly grasped are slowly but surely drifting out of his hands as he becomes enfeebled with age.

He always was instinctively Victorian as far as sex was concerned and his own father's gambling addiction hardened his opposition to that business. That's why Singapore's famous Bugis Street was binned without a second thought, hookers were rigorously discouraged and gamblers and their support gangs pursued relentlessly by the law. That gave Singapore its illusion of 'safety' till about 1997 and the Asian recession.

Much of that line in the sand is now quickly crumbling away as LKY teeters on the cusp of senility, unable or unwilling to call it a day. His recent pathetic performance against the Chees, the public paranoia that 'they' are out to get us, the ExxonMobil and International Bar Association lies that were found out, the insane 1-in-3 ratio of foreigners to citizens, and now the Pledge-that-isn't-a-Pledge debacle shows us that he's rapidly losing the plot. He's living proof that age does not necessarily convey wisdom. No fool like an old fool, as they say.

What I fear the most is that the ruthless, opportunist politician who will surely arise to overthrow the vacuum of his feeble son, will have, thanks to Lee's abuse of the Constitution and destruction of Singaporeans' civil rights, all the tools he needs and more to truly lay waste to the nation, unopposed.

And we won't be able to do a damn thing about it until it's far, far, too late.

Anonymous said...

Guess which Ministry is in-charge of the Immigration Dept, the Police and the Anti-Vice Dept?

Yes indeed, the Ministry of Home Affairs headed by the infamous dwarfman Wong Kan Seng of the Mas Selamat escape fame and believed to be LKY's nephew-in-law.Somemore, LKY has made him the 2nd DPM. So which Minister dares to query or object to hookers of all nationalities running loose in the lorongs of Geylang?

BTW, I was at Lorong 6 after dinner last week and saw at 7pm about 20 young China girls all dressed skimpily and sexily LINING UP at the street-kerb side-by-side and waiting for custom. This was my first time and I was so shocked....maybe the PAP Govt 1 2 compete with Thailand for the lucrative sex trade? As you said, anything for money?

Karma said...

Once casino business in operations, vice activities will be on the rise, and more revenues for PAP. Problem is PAP doesn't have any extra land for "red light" area. Guess they have to reclaim more land and call it Geylang 2.

Anonymous said...

The government is already run like a mafia.

What's left to lose?


Anonymous said...

At least your detention at LKY's pleasure had led you to find out about this another money-spinning pleasure which LKY would not want to publish too openly.

Thanks to further insight by the first commenter.

More Singaporeans should read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Those who live off the earnings of vice activities are even more immoral than those who directly commit them.

greg c said...

I'd rather the government assist in our immorality than try to prevent us from exercising our freedom and telling us what is moral or otherwise, and trying to enforce immorality as if it were criminal.

Anonymous said...

How to solve the prostitution in forum orchard mostly frm vietnam.