Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore. Time to act. Talking and writing is not enough.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you are an intelligent discerning Singaporean, are you not bored by the constant propaganda; not alarmed that even the slightest indication of a democracy is swept away; not outraged by the blatant racial discrimination not only against the Malays and Indians but also against the native born Chinese? If you are the time to act is now. And that responsibility lies of the shoulders of Singaporean opposition leaders who are aware. Leaders like Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Gandhi Ambalam, Jufrie Mahmood and the list goes on. If they do nothing now, the democratic Singapore which the pioneers fought for in the 1950s will be dead and gone forever. And the responsibility for that calamity will lie on the shoulders of the herein referred to opposition leaders.

The Straits Times daily puts out it's propaganda from the the PAP. Lee Kuan Yew's son, whom he appointed the prime minister advises us daily on how to live, how to be nice to our neighbours, how to respect other religions, how to be courteous, how to respect the elders ad nauseum. And so do his ministers and heads of civil servants. As Singaporeans or rather children, we are expected to take his advice and behave accordingly as he wishes, hopefully to become the ideal citizens he wants us to be. And this is where I ask him this question, who does he think he is anyway? God? And coming from a man who lacks the slightest of credibility! As you know he has never achieved anything for himself. He is there only because his father was Lee Kuan Yew. Shame on you, boy. Stop telling me to how to live my life.

Oh, I forget, I don't live in Singapore anymore. But I sympathize with you who have to put up with this daily dose of good manners from Lee Kuan Yew's son.

And don't forget, it is not only Lee Kuan Yew's son from who you have to take the daily lecture. It is also from all the other Ministers and civil servants, who by the way were never elected by you in the first place. As you know, with bankruptcy charges and defamation lawsuits all other independent thinking politicians had been promptly removed from the political process.

It is one thing to be poor. It is much worse to live knowing you are no longer the master of your destiny, Lee Kuan Yew is. Tell me, what is the point of having a salary, 3 meals a day, a TV and a job when you know, your entire survival daily is dictated by Lee Kuan Yew or his son? What is the point of life when the only voice is that of the government? When obedience and submission to authority is rewarded and independent thought is punished? When the government can do anything they want to you and you cannot even peacefully protest? When life is equated to total submission and obedience to authority, regardless of what you thought of them?

I can go on, but it is no use. Unless Dr. Chee and the other leaders do something about it now, the game is lost. In a few years Singapore government system would be even less recognisable from what it is now. A few more years down the line, you will not even have a single opposition leader in Parliament. Selected government stooges will be asked to do the talking, a form of make believe pretence.

It is on the shoulders of the opposition leaders this great burden lies. And they have to act now, for the sake of free Singapore.

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