Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew's son gives good advice.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have read it in the Singapore state controlled press the Straits Times "Four rules of Harmony" Aug 17, 2009. Lee Kuan Yew's son gives Singaporeans advice. To make it simple, let me list it out here:

Be nice to neighbours
Tolerate other religions
Don't spit unnecessarily
Don't chew gum
Don't be disorderly
Speak softly
Speak Mandarin, not the silly dialects.
Don't insult the Malays
Don't insult the Indians
If Chinese eat more curry. If Indian do the reverse, eat Mee Siam mai hum
Don't insult the judges
Don't be drunk in Serangoon Road
Speak proper English not Singlish
Climb Mount Everest, not Bukit Timah hill
Respect Ang Moh at all times
Call yourself Platinum Lim even if you can't pronounce it.
Remember don't associate with Gopalan Nair, he is a trouble maker.
Chee Soon Juan is a bad guy, very bad guy.
Respect and kowtow Lee Kuan Yew his son and his family members.
Be Confusion, not confused.
Remember Singapore is the best. It has clean streets.
Don't forget to say the pledge.

I hope I have summarised his advice. Thanks so much for it. I feel a better person already. Have I left out anything?

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Anonymous said...

Very good!

Now repeat once again after me digits ooops I mean children!
Remember without me and us you cannot even exist!. In case you forgot...you owe us everything even the cowardice inside!


Anonymous said...

Yeah sure mr lee......whatever you say......NOT!!