Monday, August 24, 2009

Nelson Mandela

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nelson Mandela
Gamal Abdel Nasser
Abba Eban
Yasser Arafat
Mustafa Kamal Atuturk
Suleiman Demirel
Bulent Echlevit
Lance Corporal Ram Bahadur Limbu VC, 10th Gurkhas
Leon Trotsky
Karl Marx
Freidrich Engels
Clement Atlee
General Edmund Allenby
Tunku Abdul Rahman
Walter Sisulu
Ahmed Kathrada
Steven "Bantu" Biko
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Gandhi Ambalam of Singapore
Dr. Chee Soon Juan
Ho Chih Minh
Chia Tye Poh
Ahmed Ben Bella
Theodor Hertzel
David Ben Gurion
Golda Meir
Kwame Nkhruma
Patrice Lumumba
Oliver Thamboe
George Bizos
Che Guvara
Salvador Allende
Tan Wah Piow
Francis Seow
Said Zahari
Seelan Pallay
Alexander Solyanetzin
Mohammed Mossadeq
John Tan

and very humbly the Singapore Dissident, Gopalan Nair of Fremont California

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Aaron said...

I think Ong Teng Cheong deserves to be in the ranks too.

Anonymous said...

Tang Liang Hong "gained his freedom overseas" after taking on PAP - shouldn't he be in the ranks too?

Karma said...

Good thoughts listing all those great people. How about list down all the infamous 21st century dictators.