Monday, August 10, 2009

Singapore. If I was TS Sinnathuray, I would not be sleeping peacefully at night.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Had Singapore been an Iraq or Somalia, or even some former Eastern European country, a man like TS Sinnathuray, Lee Kuan Yew's evil judge to finish off Lee's competition, would have been killed, had his legs broken or some other major calamity would have befallen him. But being Singapore, and being a gentle people, we do not resort to such violence. And that is why a man like TS Sinnathuray who has caused great hardship and suffering to innocent people for his own gratification and that of his master Lee Kuan Yew is permitted to live his life at least now in peace.

But I would like to warn him that he is not safe. And if he were wise, he would be worrying now. He thinks just because Lee Kuan Yew his protector and benefactor, is still alive, he will be protected from harm. Be not so sure. The winds of change are fast approaching in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew may be strongman now, but he may be history very soon. On the one hand he may just die, as he is already 86, or he may be overthrown.

And with his end, it will also be the end of the PAP and the end of good life for people like TS Sinnathuray. I ask Singaporeans to remember the evil that this man has done to his people. The evil that Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean is responsible for and the injustice of these judges, these police officers, these civil servants should all be noted and at the right time, they should be held to account.

This man TS Sinnathuray should be sent to the same prison that he had sent countless other Singaporeans to please his master by abusing his position as a judge. He should be bankrupted and impoverished just like he did the late JB Jeyaretnam.

An eye for an eye. That is only just. That is why Hitler's judges who sent millions of innocent people to their death to please Hitler were held to account at Nuremburg.

TS Sinnathuray should be told that it is not safe. Be warned. The time for reckoning will come, sooner than he thinks.

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Anonymous said...

I will celebrate when this corrupt regime falls. They think they are above all so they could dehumanize other people. They are actually lower than street thugs! Cowards thoroughly!


Gopalan Nair said...

Well said. If you think about it, these men like TS Sinnathuray, protected by Lee Kuan Yew sent innocent people to prison for years, banished people to other countries, bankrupted and ruined people's lives, the lives of their families and their innocent children; while they lived lives of comfort and luxury with million dollar salaries.
This is a particulary evil Tamil man. He should be made to answer. He cannot be allowed to slip away. The Straits Times did us a favor by alerting us to this evil person.
Gopalan Nair

Anonymous said...

Well you may never have the satisfaction of seeing Sinna pay his just dues.
He is just too old or the Leegime may never fall.
But again you never know.

Gopalan Nair said...

We will never know whether TS Sinnathuray will ever be brought to justice for his crimes, but the way things are going on there, I think the chances are good. Yes, I believe it. Very Good. That is why I say that he should worry if he knew what was good for him.

Gopalan Nair said...

For instance I never even imagined when I was a victim of TS Sinnathuray's crimes in his kangaroo court in 1991(his abusing the law) that I would one day be condemning him openly in this blog! Yet that has happened! And there is nothing this Lee Kuan Yew minion can do! That itself is proof enough that things can change. And change very fast. Have faith.

mycroft said...

Evil, self-serving, bootlicking, a Lee Kuan Yew kangaroo of the most furry and disgraceful sort - that describes T.S. Sinnathuray perfectly. Poor Tan Wah Piow stood no chance of receiving justice whatsoever from this pathetic excuse of a judge whose cries of, "Forget about public interest!", "Forget about justice!", and "Forget about a fair trial!" punctuated Piow's travesty of a trial.

Sinnathuray and his fellow sycophants (sadly, every single one of Singapore's legal fraternity today) are merely the outward symbols of a much darker shadow though. It is said that a fish rots from the head first, so we all know from where that stench emanates. As every Singaporean dissident has discovered to his cost, his liberty, and his reputation, the words fair trial, principle and rule of law should never lightly be used in the same sentence as the words PAP and Lee Kuan Yew: they're mutually exclusive.

It's a satisfying daydream but I'm not so sure that these creatures will ever receive the punishment they're due. Looking at the history of despots like Marcos, Amin, Pinochet and Suharto, most end their days maybe in exile but always surrounded by the finest luxuries that the money looted from their victims can buy.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gopalan take a look at this

The content of which I shall reproduce here:
Righting a Wrong

Prof Lee Wei Ling's article on 'Righting a wrong comes from the heart' (The Sunday Times 18th Jan 2009) seems to talk about me. haha....

If I know there is something wrong, I will try to set it right whether or not it is my business to do so. At my age, I have not lost the fire in my belly. But such a busybody trait has got me into a lot of trouble because I'm not Prof Lee Wei Ling, who is the daughter of MM Lee Kuan Yew and sister of PM Lee Hsien Loong.

I was threatened to shut up. My son's life will be in danger if I continue to set things right. My son has a hard time in schools.

I have many personal experiences with MOE, which is very guilty of not setting things right. They allow teachers and principals to abuse students. Their educators cheat, lie but such cases were covered up. MOE condone wrong doings of their staff. One of their PR officers even threatened an editor against pursuing a case I was complaining.

I have an extremely hard time with the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) recently. I find the officers very KL, making things more difficult for me after I complained to Minister Wong Kan Seng. Many people said I deserve it. For setting things right?

Even in a government hospital, my son and I were not spared. I wrote to Minister of Health Khaw Boon Wan but sigh...... Luckily, I would be meeting Prof Lee Wei Ling. She has agreed to see my son.

It's our duty to right a wrong when we see one....... and you don't have to be MM Lee's daughter to do that.

She doesn't realize that the corruption has gone all the way down from the very top!
I pity her as I pity many Singaporean today to have to live and put up with LKY corrupt and deceptive regime