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Singapore. Ho Ching on "breastfeeding"! What next!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of August 25, 2009 has this article " Ho Ching on breastfeeding. Temasek CEO relates her own experience at event to mark World Breastfeeding Week".

Many things should annoy a Singaporeans resident. Such as the corruption of it's politicians who openly pay themselves millions of dollars which they claim to be a salary, the siphoning off even more millions from the the country's assets in the CPF, GIC and Temasek Holdings whose activities are secret, and so on.

As if this was not enough, what is another major annoyance is having to read unsolicited nonsense from the Lee Kuan Yew family and his cronies about matters about which no one is interested in , coming from them, and about which they are not qualified to lecture on anyway.

In this article put out by the state controlled Singapore press, Ho Ching advises on the merits or otherwise of breastfeeding. Frankly I have not wasted my time reading it, but I assume it is a lecture on the merits of breastfeeding children. We all know it anyway, but that is not the point.

The point is, who is she to speak about this anyway. Merely because she is Lee Kuan Yew's son's wife, whom the father made Prime Minister does not give her any licence for this. Lee Kuan Yew's son as you know has never been lawfully elected into office. His father Lee Kuan Yew kept out the opposition at elections by vote rigging, defamation actions and threats to jail and bankrupt anyone who dared to stand against him. After being unlawfully chosen as a PAP Member of Parliament at the polls, he was quickly made a Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister thereafter. He has no authority as a Prime Minister anyway. No other quality other than being the son of his father. He then appoints his wife, this woman Ho Ching, to manage the state's assets in Tumasek, the government company which keeps the country's savings. We know that she has mismanaged the assets either because she stole them (corruption) or mismanagement to the tune of several billions of dollars, much of which has either not been accounted for or which the government refuses to disclose.

In these circumstances what gives this woman the authority to lecture to us on the practice of breastfeeding children about which she has no professional or academic knowledge whatsoever?

First of all she should not be talking at all, and even if she did, she should explain herself on how and in what manner $100 billion was lost. Did she steal it, and if not why did she mismanage it. Otherwise she should just shut up and go away.

But you see, that is unlikely to happen in a country with no free press, freedom of speech or expression. Whether you like it or not, Singaporeans have to simply continue reading this drivel.

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mycroft said...

And speaking of milking the nonsense for all it was worth, our ancient dude made a right tit of himself the other day when he could not resist the urge to regale Paliament with unsolicited twaddle. He stumbled angrily to the rostrum on wobbly legs to 'demolish' impudent NMP Viswa Sadasivan for daring to cock a hifalutin snook at PAP's precious National Pledge and the first words that left his lips were, "Sir, I was doing physiotherapy just now and reading the newspapers and I thought I should bring the House back to earth..."

Huh? This is Parliament old boy, highest law-making body in the land for Heaven's sake, not your bloody sittingroom! Who gives a flying frick what your personal arthritic problems are? Tell it to the marines. If he had said that in the British Parliament he would have been instantly bowled over by howls of laughter and verbally torn to shreds.

What next - unasked-for data about the state of his prostate condition after lunch and teh estimated size of Ho Ching's bra? Now, if he had only said, "I was just seeing my personal psychotherapist just now about my dementia..." THEN it would have been a matter of national interest.

And btw, in his anxiety to absolve his party of its failure to uphold the spirit of the pledge, he tried to tweak the meaning of the word 'Pledge' to mean 'Aspiration', thus driving a coach and horses right through his son's grandiose call to all Singaporeans to solemnly recite the words of The Pledge from the heart at the precise hour of 8:22. That stroke of political coitus interruptus was accompanied by a pathetic performance of note fumbling, losing his place, getting his dates confused, tittering at his own joke, and excruciatingly slow, laboured speech as his memory began to fall apart.

It does make one wonder if 'MM' actually stands for Parliamentary 'Milk Monitor'!