Friday, August 28, 2009

Singapore style double jeopardy. Punishing a man for what he said, not what he did!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sure Adolf Hitler had repeatedly gone around his Third Reich claiming Nazi Germany had the best legal system in the world, while he murders Jews. In Singapore you have sort of a similar thing. Lee Kuan Yew's recently hand picked minister for justice, K Shanmugam has repeatedly gone around claiming the same thing for Singapore, while Singapore now is going after a man for what he said, not what he did; in effect double jeopardy!

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of Aug 28, 2009 has this article, "Ex Chairman Back in court". Lee Kok Leong a former Chairman of a residential management committee inserted super glue in his neighbour's door key out a misunderstanding. He was arrested for mischief and fined $1200.00 in April this year. One should have thought that is the end of this minor matter. But not in "Unique Singapore" as it's oligarchy in power with Lee Kuan Yew's at it's head, calls their country. Unique indeed. Listen to this.

After he had paid the fine and left the courtroom, a couple of reporters from Singapore's state controlled newspapers went to interview him again. They asked him, out of their own volition or were ordered to do it by their state bosses we do not know, whether he was remorseful about what he did.

Naturally being upset, as anyone else would have been after having to pay a fine, he predictably said that he was not remorseful at all, and a bit more to boot. The reporters from the state controlled newspapers then went straight to their bosses in high authority and reported this fact. This information from the state apparatus was then directly conveyed to the Singapore Attorney General with instructions to appeal the case to the higher court to ensure that he be severely punished; obviously because of his statement that he was, among other things, not remorseful!

This sort of thing only happened in former dictatorships such as Stalin's Soviet Union or present day North Korea, where what you say and even your thoughts can be the subject for punishment. What is required in North Korea is total submission, not only in action but even in thought. And if you have bad thoughts, such as an aversion to the state, then you have to punished.

This is the same thing happening to this victim of Singapore justice Lee Kok Leong. In any other country it would have made no difference if he had said after the case that Lee Kuan Yew and his cronies were a bunch of thugs. This is what freedom of speech and expression means. Here Lee Kok Leong did not even go this far. All he said was he was not remorseful. What business is it of Lee Kuan Yew and his bullies if he was not remorseful or remorseful. He is entitled to be anything he wants to be, sad, happy, agitated, not agitated, terrified, glorified, whatever! That is not a reason for punishment in common sense jurisprudence.

But Singapore is not normal. It is "Unique Singapore". Watch it, Big Bother may be lurking around the corner! And Lee Kok Leong must now go to jail (fine is not enough) for having the audacity of having bad thoughts, after being fined in our beloved leader's courts! And a specific order has already been sent from the Prime Minister's office to the particular judge assigned to this case, to punish poor Lee Kok Leong severely!

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Anonymous said...


Not only Singapore doesn't allow freedom of speech it is now obvious that it also doesn't allow freedom of thoughts.

I knew this all along after a bad traumatic experience with the country when I was studying there.
It's an irrational country. Most probably due to irrational leaders.
Hell almost any state is better than living in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

I had similar thoughts when I heard the news....I couldn't believe it at first. It's not like he went to repeat the offence and loudly proclaimed that he had not learnt his lesson.
FYI, one of the reporters who gave evidence Ms Spykerman is an angmoh female from UK/Aus. Has she also been brainwashed by LKY's indoctrination via SPH?
What next? Beware not to abuse verbally the PAP and its leaders to these reporters who are indirectly employed by LKY. They may just report you to the authorities and u sure kena.....shades of Burma and North Korea! We will be there one day.....

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous of Aug 30, 0406,
Kimberley Spikerman an employee of the State controlled Singapore newspaper is as much from UK/ Australia as a Hottentot is from Fairbanks Alaska! She looks entirely Chinese Mongoloid and a very poor specimen at that. It is more than likely that some five generations or longer ago, someone by the name of Spikerman had vertured out to the Asian region and married a local Chinese woman. With him any ties to Europe ended leaving this woman with a European name and a Chinese face!

Please don't insult the British or Australians please.

Noone from UK/ Australia would stoop as low as this woman. I lived in England. They are a proud people, dignified self respecting people.
Thanks again.

Gopalan Nair said...

Her name is Spykerman not Spikerman as I wrote above. Not that it matters much one way or another. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

Can a Singapore permanent residence /citizen get blacklisted from employment in Singapore? what would be the consequence? no employment at all even though an entrepreneurship activity?

Anonymous said...

Can a Singapore permanent residence /citizen get blacklisted from employment in Singapore? what would be the consequence? no employment at all even though an entrepreneurship activity?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Sept 01, 0403,
Yes of course they can. Singapore in not a country of laws. They can do anything they want. You have seen what they did to JB Jeyaretnam, Dr. Chee Soon Juan, myself and many others.

Anonymous said...

former soviet union? n. korea?? even former burma???

utter nonsense! if it's as bad as u said, how did the govt lose the seats in the last elections.

bunch of psychotic paranoids

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"utter nonsense! if it's as bad as u said, how did the govt lose the seats in the last elections."

It is not as much nonsense as you think. The Workers Party which won the seats is not a real opposition in any real sense. They are playing second fiddle to Lee to stay in parliament.

There are no real opposition parties in Singapore. They are all afraid.

There is no attempt by anyone to fight for the basic human rights in any democracy, free speech, expression, assembly. As long as Lee can continue denying these human rights, there is no point however many voted the PAP.

I think you do not really understand Singapore. What you see is not what it is.

But on a positive note, things will change as the ground moves more and more to freedom, thanks to the Internet. As for you, I recommend reading a simple book on democracy.

Good Luck