Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is Lee Kuan Yew dead?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have not heard from the superman for some time. Is he dead?

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Anonymous said...

If true, here is a brief obituary:

Harry Lee Kuan Yew, the Angophile, educated at the LSE and Cambridge, helped found modern Singapore and turn it into a prosperous city-state. He was an articulate man and deep-thinker, and unlike his opponents, a shrewd politician.

But, then Harry became the Chinaman, Lǐ Guāngyào,
began espousing eugenic theories (superiority of Confucian values and the Han race);
promoted the two-child family (which led to the reduction of native born Singaporeans);
promoted Mandarin (which destroyed Singapore's ancient Chinese dialects and culture);
jailed his opponents without trial (using the Internal Security Act); and
bankrupted his opponents (using his courts).

The educated in Singapore have voted by fleeing to Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The soul of Singapore, which could have become SE Asia's intellectual and racial meltingpot, has been destroyed by the actions of one man and his compliant ministers, police and courts.

Sadly, history will remember Harry for having built and destroyed a country in one lifetime.

Gopalan Nair said...

"shrewd politician" you mean a cruel heartless brute?

Gopalan Nair said...

"prosperous city state"? Prosperity for whom? Lee Kuan Yew and friends?

I am not sure if you realize that almost half the population live at the poverty line or just above, and many below, in the high rise cubicles of government housing (HDB)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone stand up to the 'scholars' when they pushed the two-child policy?

Is anyone in Singapore listening, or do they even care?

See below for what happens when dictators mess with nature.

China: Too Many Men

60 Minutes visited Linchuan ..

... the No. 10 high school here, with its 7,000 students, the problem was clearly visible: there were far more boys than girls. For every 100 girls, there are 150 boys.

The one-child policy is 25 years old, so the first generation is just now reaching marriage age, and for China that’s a big problem because it is estimated that as many as 40 million of its young men could spend their lives as bachelors.

The gender imbalance grew out of communist China's draconian social engineering policies, where a woman, after having one child, was forced to make a choice: sterilization or insertion of an IUD (intrauterine device).

To make sure the women kept their birth control devices in, the government — starting in 1982 — sent portable ultrasound machines all over the country. pregnant women realized that the machines could also identify whether they were having a boy or a girl. And, as a result, by conservative estimates, more than 8 million girls were aborted in the first 20 years of the one-child policy.

"In world history, there has never been a bride shortage as large as is about to hit China," says political scientist Valerie Hudson of Brigham Young University

"When there are more men than women, social instability and crime increases in society,"

Sexually frustrated young men from China could be the cause of the next war in Asia.

Anonymous said...

If true that LKY has dropped dead recently....

There will be whoops of joy and celebrations amongst the majority....
There will be gnashing of teeth and wailing only amongst the small minority of his cronies and lackeys including judge Belinda Ang Saw Eam.

Anonymous said...

Do you think LKY or his beloved son, LHL, read your blog?

Do you think not being able to use their courts to control the Internet drives them nuts?

So, when are you going start your Facebook page?

What about twitter?

Google today said a big f*ck you to the Chinese dictators.

Anonymous said...

GIC - LKY is Chairman and LHL is Deputy Chairman.

How nice to see families working together.

But, will they be held responsible for this investment:

GIC faces $575m loss in 'biggest US real-estate blunder'

The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) seems to have blown away more than 10 times as much as the actual owners in what is being called "the biggest real-estate blunder in American history".

Anonymous said...

The Old Fart has to sleep very often, for his age. He is as good as dead except not certify by medical doctors.

Anonymous said...

He must be reading your blogs Mr.Nair, otherwise he would not have risen, to visit the Sentosa IR.
Keep up the good work bro! you are doing justice to humanity and keeping him on his toes. You are like a puppeteer in control!

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, the old fart really had far-reaching foresight when he introduced stop producing babies at two and enforcing Mandarin usage. This justifies his agenda of flooding Singapore with opportunists from China because Singapore do not have enough local born talents. Secondly, being flooded with Mandarin speaking foreigners is nothing strange to both Singaporeans and the China immigrants. But can anybody guess why is the old fart bringing in the hordes from China? To win votes for his future descendants of course and the most secure way to hang on to ultimate power is to sooner or later tranform the leadership position into that of an Executive Presidency with an indefinite term of rule. This are only my views.

Anonymous said...

The old fart is still alive. Take note of this latest update. He is not contented with the current influx of Chinese opportunists. He is also going for the next nearest to Chinese type of opportunists and that is Vietnamese. The invasion of Vietnamese migrants to Singapore has already begun if you are still not aware of it. You can see them working as cashiers or helpers at some supermarkets. Most of them prefer to go for bigger money and work in karaoke or pub lounges. However, most of them can speak better English than the Chinese migrants.

Wang Zi Yue said...

You all are funny people. Without him, who are you? Probably living in dirt now? Yeah? got that, heard that? Why do you hate him so much? I bet without him, we will be english people now. I bet some of you might not be able to speak chinese so fluently now, eh? Or rather, u CANT speak chinese, thats too bad, u can go to china and can hardly enjoy life, go england? yeah? u wanna be english? then go tell him in front. i am not pure singaporean, but without him, will china people in singapore get to learn how to speak english better, YEAH? U UNDERSTAND, WHY DO U WANT HIM DEAD, DID HE DONE BAD STUFF TO US? IF U WANNA INSULT HIM, GO TALK TO HIM, IN THE END, U WILL BE FINE, YEAH, BUT FILLED WITH GUILT U KNOW?

Anonymous said...

LKY did not speak chinese in his early years. He did not even bother to learn then.

He tried to eradicate pure chinese schools in Singapore some years ago.

Don't think so highly of this evil man. He worked for the Japanese while the Chinese were dying in their hands during WW2.

He is a coward and he will sell anyone for his own benefit.

You should read more about him from other sources other than the Straits Times. That one is his fan magazine.

Anonymous said...

LKY was a great leader, sure he made some mistakes, but the good stuff he did far outnumbers the bad, besides which leader on this earth is perfect?! I am a Singaporean student that comes from a Singaporean family and i am thankful to LKY for wonderful housing and a very good education.I have been to many countries and have seen quite a lot, in other countries u cant walk alone in the street at night as there are muggers everywhere, but here in singapore i can go wherever i want whenever i want and feel safe. Besides during the 1950s and 1960s Singapore was experiencing a baby boom and the two child policy was neccesary to control poppulation growth. LKY also foresaw the rise of China and insisted that Singaporeans learn mandrain so we can find jobs and work easily. Singapore is also a major transport hub and is a develop country, thanks to LKY

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous, who starts off with "Lee Kuan Yew is a great leader".

I am not sure why you say he is great. The country is not today warts and all, not just becase od him but because of many in the last 5 decades.

You claim to have an education but from waht you write here, I doubt you were educated at all. For one, you are totally ignorant of your lack of any human rights. You live like a slave and yet you are completely obvlious to it.

You say you have been to many countries and has seen greater crime. I guess you have been to Georgetown Guyana, to Teguchigalpa, Honduras and to the rough areas of Darar, Senegal and Logos Nigeria at night. Your travels appear insufficient.

Have you travelled in Fremont California, USA where I live or in San Francisco at night. I guess not.

I also think you were not at the Woodlands, Housing estate, Signapore between 9am and 4pm beginning March 3 to March 16, 2011 when there were no less that 12 muggings in the elevators of the apartments. There were almost all done by foreign construction workers. You were luicky you were not there and escaped the muggings.

In fact Singapore today is a far more dangerous place than even many other Asian cities. It appears you not only failed in a good edcuation, you are incapable to make a proper analysis of what you are writing.

All my children and I live in the US. If it was like what you say, I would not be here with my kids.

Wonderful housing? You live in a HDB pigeon hole, Lee built for you.

Rise of China, you mean a minimum wage sweat shop for the rest of the world?

2 child policy? Is that why Singapore's polulation is disapperaing?

What major hub? Dubai you mean?

My kids have had a good education in American schools. They are able to think logically.

Jordon Ong said...


Jordon Ong said...

The best way is to sleep in school and learn via Internet. Lee's ******* brainwashing centre, also called school and national service, only hypnotize people with similar worksheets and homework.

LKY is a great leader. He stepped off the throne and gave it to (hopefully) better leader hsien loong. However, LHLMH pays himself $1,000,000/month, so we have to pay more bills.

P.S. The stupid fucking idiot numbskull corrupt fucking idiot retarded piece of fucking idiot useless waste of space PAP have won the election again. Fucking idiots.

Jordon Ong said...

To Anonymous, who starts off with "Lee Kuan Yew is a great leader".

Singapore is not that safe, there are still teenager gangs wandering about.

Singapore have two brainwashing centers: The schools and the NS.

Singapore claim that the are a 1st world country, but in reality, they are 2nd world.

When you say 'very good education', do you mean 'similar homework churner'?

You can't do as much things as you like in Singapore, because of the stupid rules like you cannot speak bad about the PAP.

Anonymous said...

LKY born in year 1923, so his time is running short, maybe he everday eat birdś nest and exercise...trying desperately to avoid Hades...but alas, the good & evils each man does will have to be accounted for at their own death beds, while they gasp over their last few breaths.

Steve Jobs was absolutely right...DEATH is a great invention by renew and clear out the OLD.

We should be thankful that NO ONE can escape DEATH! Ha Ha Ha Ha!. For all of LKY presumed brilliance, power, money etc. he also will have to fall away eventually and succumb to DEATH. It is INEVITABLE and only a matter of TIME.

He can try to delay & play games with Hades by injecting himself with stem cells or paying millions for special blood transfusions, but ultimately DEATH catches up.

When the hour comes, he will just be levelled to the same as everyone, no more & no less. Just a pike of bones and dust that time just blows away eventually.

ALL of manś achivements...what are they compared to the Billions of years of Earthś history? Greater Emperors and Rulers in the past have also eventually been forgotten...and lost in the great expanse of eternal TIME. Maybe 1 year after LKY death, people will still talk about it, after 10 years, your kids probably think LKY is the name of a Macdonald toy....after 50 years, who the hell is LKY? After 1000 years, maybe we will not even use the alphabets LKY, Chinese civilization so far is about 5000 years and so many languages already have some & gone. Greater civilizations than what our little red dot has achieved thus far, has come and gone as well. The sands of TIME eventually just washes away all humans and even the memories are just whispers in the winds of eternity.

Anonymous said...

The million dollar question, "Is Lee Kuan Yew Dead Yet?" rhymes with the famous question when people are travelling "Are we there yet?".

Anonymous said...

I have heard of the blood doping claim about the old man Lee online, and some people claim that the blood doping or transfusions came from that of young children. Where exactly is the real source of this though? On the flipside, I am not hiding the fact that I am waiting for both the father and son to kick the bucket, as much as I have left that red dot,because they both repulse me and disgust me to the core of my moral being. May they both be judged by God accordingly for all that they have done!

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"On the flipside, I am not hiding the fact that I am waiting for both the father and son to kick the bucket, as much as I have left that red dot,because they both repulse me and disgust me to the core of my moral being. May they both be judged by God accordingly for all that they have done!"

I am sure God will help but you may want to do something yourself.

Anonymous said...

be noted:nothing is perfect in this world,when someone did hundred things good,you won"t thankful.but when he did one thing mistake,you will make noise.always like that,no matter what,we chinese people must understand what is (饮水思源)look at the map,we are just a little red dot,should consider well done already ok.if you want people respect you,please learn to respect people first.from the bottom of my heart,MR LKY is our Singapore great those people who likes to comments about him,I suggest your better make time do other thing,be a nice man or good boy,be kind.敬老尊贤。always remember.THANKS!

Anonymous said...

MR Lee Kuan Yew is a respectable and a great man. Singapore will not be the same without his efforts. Mr Lee should be recongnise and not be condemm by all this ungrateful idiots.LKY had aways done his best for the country and I really appreciate his hard works trying to do the best for Singapore.
I'm sadden by his condition and will continue to pray for his speedy recovery.