Monday, January 4, 2010

Singapore. Dr. Chee Soon Juan's stirring New Year's Message

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I refer to Dr. Chee Soon Juan's stirring New Year's message for 2010, just as all the other messages of Dr. Chee Soon Juan has been. His message appears in the Singapore Democrat, the newspaper of the Singapore Democratic Party in it's Jan 04, 2010 edition entitled "SDP's New Year message: Need to change mindset"

Dr. Chee understands the Singapore problem better than anyone else in his clear articulation of the failure of the electoral system in Singapore. Simply put, Lee Kuan Yew has rigged the elections and it is impossible for anyone to vote the PAP out. Simple as that.

That leaves the question, what else to do?

You can continue to do nothing as has been the case for the last 50 years. You can continue writing blogs and criticizing them under a mask, but that is not going to solve the problem.

And while the Singapore citizenry sit idly by in fear, the island itself is morphing into something entirely different. For one, the population of the island has shifted dramatically. Instead of an English speaking independent thinking population, you are getting an island of conformists from Communist China. Insted of "ethnic cleansing" you could call it "ethnic shifting".

Instead of an English speaking society, you have a Mandarin speaking island. Instead of citizens thinking of individual rights, they are abandoning the thinking process to the government of Lee Kuan Yew, as they do in Communist China to the Communist Party chiefs. Instead of having a government that cares for them, you have a government that demands that you take care of yourself, even if you incapable of it.

Instead of a country of confident happy people, you have an island where there are no babies and everyone lives stressed lives on a tightrope each day.

And this damage that is being done will continue unless you, Singaporeans do something about it.

Since you know that the coming elections mean nothing, surely something else has to be done.

And you guessed correctly what I am about to say. Yes, you have to protest. You have to break these unjust laws that deny you your basic civil rights. Remember only just laws need to be obeyed, not unjust laws.

So break the law that denies you the right to peaceful protest. It is unjust. You are guaranteed that right under the Constitution. Break the laws of racial discrimination against the Malays and the Indians. Break every single law that clearly violates the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore.

It is your right. Do it. There is no other way. Nothing is going to happen with elections.

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