Sunday, January 10, 2010

Singapore. Dr. Chee Soon Juan's article on Civil Disobedience

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was happy to read a new article by Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Secretary General of the Singapore Democratic Party, "Civil Disobedience in Singapore Part 1" Monday Jan 11, 2010, in his party website.

He has of course not only talked and written about it before, he has been imprisoned several times for doing just that, civil disobedience.

May I say again, and readers of Singapore Dissident are well aware by now, that I too believe that this is the most potent weapon for democratic change in Singapore. Nothing else.

Let me remind the readers once again, that parliamentary elections will achieve nothing other than returning the usual faces into Parliament. Why, because Lee Kuan Yew has engineered it so. In fact he himself has admitted this more than once.

If it is not registered into your minds yet, let me say this again. Lee Kuan Yew has decided a long time ago that only he or his immediate family will government Singapore. It is a dictatorship. If the trappings show it to be a democracy, it is simply that, mere trappings.

If you simply sat back and did nothing, you will have nothing different.

Civil disobedience is the most powerful weapon that dissenters have, especially in a small built up, crowded island such as Singapore. The results will be surprisingly rewarding, I can promise you that.

Your cause for peaceful disobedience is just. There are far too many burning injustices: a) the indiscriminate foreign talent immigration b) racial discrimination c) jobs d) escalating prices. The list of grievances are endless.

Dr. Chee ended his article without telling us the best time for it. Let me politely tell him the answer.

The time is now. This very minute. It can't be better.

Do it now.

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