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Singapore's Chief Justice, Chan Sek Keong disgracefully and shamefully abused the law.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Judge Chan Sek Keong, Singapore's Chief justice and it's highest ranking legal official showed a complete lack of integrity, in 1997, when he abused his then office of Attorney General of Singapore.

In his doing so, he disgraced not only the office of Attorney General of Singapore but also completely discredited the administration of law in Singapore.

As you are already aware, I have already been charged for professional misconduct for accusing Singapore judges Belinda Ang Saw Ean and Judge Judith Prakash of judicial bias. The disciplinary proceedings against me for professional misconduct has commenced and is now before Disciplinary Tribunal of Singapore.

Now since I am publicly accusing Singapore's highest ranking legal officer, Singapore's Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, in this blog, of having disgracefully abused his position of Attorney General of Singapore in 1997, I expect the Singapore Law Society to file an additional charge against me for this criticism.

Please do it.

This is why I say this.

In 1997 Singapore General Elections for the Constituency of Cheng San, the political parties contesting were the PAP, Lee Kuan Yew's party and the Workers Party, an opposition party. The Workers Party candidates were the late JB Jeyaretnam, Dr. Tan Bin Seng, Tang Liang Hong, Huang Seow Kuang and Abdul Rahim bin Osman.

During the elections when votes were being cast, Goh Chock Tong, Tony Tan and Lee Kuan Yew's son entered and remained within the voting center. This was illegal.

The laws made it illegal for anyone not involved in the elections to harass or intimidate the voters, as we would want citizens to be able to cast their votes without being pressured by one side or the other.

Section 82 (1)(d) of the Parliamentary Elections Act states "No person shall wait outside any polling station on polling day, except for the purpose of gaining entry to the polling station to cast his vote"

And (1)(e) states "No person shall loiter in any street or public place within a radius of 200 meters of any polling station on polling day".

The intent of this legislation should be very clear to anyone. It was designed to prevent candidates and politicians or their agents from exerting any undue influence on voters to favor themselves, by bothering the voters.

On the election day, in blatant violation of the law, Lee Kuan Yew's men, Goh Chock Tong, Tony Tan and Lee Kuan Yew's son the present Prime Minister (all Ministers of State) did not just loiter around the polling station which would have been bad enough; they actually entered the polling station and were watching citizens just before they cast their votes!

In an island where there is an all pervasive fear of Lee Kuan Yew and his men and what they would do to you if you challenged them, it must have been very clear to this PAP trio that their presence will cause extreme undue influence on the poor citizens.

And this must have been obvious to this man too, today's Chief Justice of Singapore and in 1997, the Attorney General.

Both the Workers Party and the Singapore Democratic Party rightfully complained to the police this flagrant and blatant violation of the law by the PAP and naturally expected them to take action and prosecute these men and also to declare null and void any election result for irregularity.

And that is why I say this man, Chan Sek Keong showed a complete lack of integrity when he was the Attorney General of Singapore in 1997. His official response to the complaint was that there was no impropriety on the part of the PAP trio; no action will be taken against them, and that they did not violate any law by entering and remaining within the Cheng San GRC polling station.

According to him, it was only wrong to "loiter outside" the polling station! Entering and remaining within it is perfectly all right!

It is like saying, it is only wrong to threaten to kill someone. Actually murdering someone, is perfectly fine!

Anyone can see what I see. The whole point of this legislation was to stop one party or other from harassing and bothering voters on the way to the polling station so that they can can cast their votes in secret. The worst possible violation would have been for them to be actually within the poling station and watching the citizens before they vote!

Let me tell this man again what I think of him. Chan Sek Keong, Singapore's Attorney General of 1997 shamefully disgraced himself and the office of Attorney General when he claimed that Goh Chock and company did no wrong; and he shamefully failed in his duty as the Attorney General when he took no action against them.

I expect the Singapore Law Society to file an additional charge against me that I have unjustly accused the Singapore Chief Justice to the present charges that I face in the ongoing Law Society of Singapore disciplinary proceedings against me.

If the Singapore Law Society does not do it, they will be making even greater fools of themselves, especially when I am already facing charges for criticizing judges junior to this Chief Justice.

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Anonymous said...

Great Job Gopalan!

Btw would you care to comment on the latest article by the state controlled press?

It was on Singaporeans and to some extent foreigners making their way to Singapore for job opportunities because of the ailing world economy. At first sight I couldn't belief what I was reading but the fact that it has been released by a state controlled press I figured it would have been exaggerated to some extent.

Follow this link; http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20100112/tap-130-employment-pass-services-centre-231650b.html

Pls share your views.

Keep up the good work!