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Singapore. How to earn a living, Singapore style. The case of former Singapore judge, G.P. Selvam (Govinda Pannirselvam)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One way to earn a living in the Singapore legal profession is to become a lawyer, then a judge, abuse the law while at it to destroy Lee Kuan Yew's opponents, be paid well for the dirty work and thereafter expect steady well paid work with Lee Kuan Yew as your principle client.

This is how, this man, G.P. Selvam (Govinda Pannirselvam) a Singapore Tamil has managed a comfortable life. Disgraceful, but none the less, a comfortable life.

The main requirement for a job like this, for which G.P. Selvam is very well qualified, is to have no scruples at all. Like a man who would willingly murder a helpless child anytime, if there is money in it!

In my last post about this man, "Singapore. Another of Lee Kuan Yew's disgraceful judges, G.P. Selvam (Govinda Pannirselvam)" of January 5th 2010, I had narrated how he disbarred me from practicing law for 2 years in Singapore merely because I wrote to Tan Boon Teik, the Attorney General of Singapore in 1980s about a matter involving JB Jeyaretnam!

He knew he was totally unjustified in doing this. Yet he does it, because it pleases his master Lee Kuan Yew. When he did it, he obviously didn't care one bit that he was ruining and hurting an innocent man; eager to abuse his position as a judge to please his master and profit himself.

I came across another of his of hapless victims. This time, Tang Liang Hong who lost millions, yes millions, in fact every penny he ever had, because Lee Kuan Yew wanted him ruined and this man, G.P. Selvam was ready and willing to carry out the dirty work, by abusing his position as a judge.

By his orders, Tang Liang Hong lost everything he ever had and had to flee Singapore for his life. He now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Tang Liang Hong was a Singapore lawyer who made the mistake of standing for parliamentary elections in the Cheng San GRC, Singapore, representing his Workers Party against Lee Kuan Yew. Immediately Lee through his state controlled press publicly defamed him repeatedly over several days calling him an anti Christian, anti Malay and a Chinese chauvinist. Through Lee Kuan Yew's 5th column, common gangsters and thugs, death threats were sent to him and his family; these death threats purportedly coming from Malays and Muslims.

Tang in order to protect himself reported the matter to the police and rightly accused Lee Kuan Yew and his government of putting out untruths against him. That should have been the end of the matter, but no, not in Singapore.

Goh Chock Tong, a Lee Kuan Yew lackey and presently a senior minister under him got a copy of the police report; and published it the next day in Singapore’s state controlled press.

Having done this, predictably as is the case in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, the next day, a defamation action (yes there we go again) is commenced against Tang which is again predictably brought before Judge Lai Kew Chai, notorious for his findings against Lee Kuan Yew's detractors.

In order to ensure that Tang will suffer the maximum amount of harm possible, Mareva Injunctions are brought not only against Tang, a wealthy man, but also against his wife who had nothing to do with any of this, freezing up all his and her property in Singapore.

Tang then through an English legal expert files an appeal to the Court of Appeal, a 3 judge panel, which includes this man, G.P. Selvam (Govinda Pannirselvam).

Of course when you do not have a conscience anymore, as in G.P. Selvam’s case, you could do anything you want, regardless of how unjust it is.

GP Selvam’s order was that the Mareva Injunction earlier ordered by Lee Kuan Yew’s Judge Lai was entirely correct. Lodging a police report against Lee Kuan Yew is highly defamatory in the Singaporean sense. And therefore Tang Liang Hong should pay Lee Kuan Yew and company millions of dollars!

Today this shameful man practices with his wife Arfat Selvam in his law firm Arfat Selvam Alliance LLC in Singapore. This law firm's website address is Looking at it, you see his profile and picture and that of his wife.

The website has a great deal of self praise, claiming to have major contracts and so on and so forth. But reading it, very soon you realize that he gets all his work from none other than Lee Kuan Yew, his benefactor and patron. His clients include major Singapore banks, government linked companies and government contracts. A comfortable practice by any means.

The same old way of doing dirty business. You scratch my back and I scratch yours. You lick my boots long enough and I reward you. You abuse your judgeship and destroy Lee Kuan Yew’s political opponents and Lee Kuan Yew rewards you.

But a thoroughly disgraceful way to live, don't you think? This is his reward for completely ruining an innocent man Tang Liang Hong and suspending me from practicing law for 2 years in Singapore because I annoyed Lee Kuan Yew's Attorney General Tan Boon Teik.

I have always wondered this. Why does a man like Adolf Eichmann, Hitler's butcher who was responsible for killing hundreds and thousands of Jews not feel any guilt for his actions? When Adolf Eichmann was tried for his war crimes in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1961, he showed no remorse for his actions, which he said were part of his job!

On the other hand, I remember Edward Rice Murrows, the famous CBS reporter who once advised his young journalists not to do anything unconscionable because "you will have difficulty shaving in the morning" (meaning you will have to look at your own shameful face).
But perhaps there are men such as Adolf Eichmann or Hitler or Stalin who feel no compunction in hurting others. G.P. Selvam (Govinda Pannirselvam) appears to be such a man.

By the way, his daughter Priya Pannirselvam works in his law firm. I guess she had no part in her father's disgraceful past since she is new, but she undoubtedly benefits from her father's boot licking Lee Kuan Yew's boots. Does she, by any chance feel any shame?

These are interesting questions, questions of morality and the minds of heartless brutes. I wonder today, does G.P. Selvam ever think of what Tang Liang Hong is doing today or how is Gopalan Nair, the victims of his judgeship?

Does he believe in a God?

Perhaps not.

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