Thursday, January 28, 2010

Singapore. Subservient lives.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As long as Singaporeans continue to accept the submissive lives you lead under the Lee Kuan Yew family, your lives will continue at the mercy of this man and his son. Your destiny is in your hands. It is up to you to exercise it. No one can do it for you.

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Anonymous said...

it's very fancy to have your own little island complete with obedient subjects while pretending you've built a first world state while in fact it's a family run state.

I'm not jealous but I admit that what lky and his family are enjoying are nothing sort of fancy . . .

Goh Chok Thong(I know it's spelled wrong) once commented that it's better for a pack of sheeps to be lead by a lion rather than a pack of lions be led by a sheep. That would be an insult to the lions. lky and his son lhl are nothing more than thugs and villains not the sort of leaders who inspire integrity and courage. lky and familee are hiding behind their money...pretending that they are master of the universe...emperor of the world...king of the world...above everything and everyone . . . .I know Singapore story is nothing sort of tragic for the common Singaporean.


Anonymous said...

Native Singaporeans have one - and only one - last chance to change their destiny, and that's at the upcoming election. Thereafter, they would become the minority in their own country, overwhelmed by new citizens who have been specially imported for their loyalty to PAP (that is, before they realise, many years later, that they have been conned. lol)

Anonymous said...

(Sing to the tune of baa baa black sheep)

Baa baa Sing'pore sheep, have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!

One for the Lee master, two for his son,

And my meat is for the IRAS that is just down the lane.

Anonymous said...

Dear Goplan Nair,

Thanks very much for your interesting blog. It's always nice to see how people on the other side of the globe live, how they share the same joys and sorrows, what they do in their free time, etc.

I actually have a question about your blog. Would you mind helping us with a linguistic research project? We're compiling data from various Singaporean weblogs. All it requires is checking a few boxes. If you want to take part and/or have more questions, drop me a note ( RE: Question ) so that I can then send you the 'official' project eMail. We'd really appreciate your help.

Thanks very much in advance!
Best regards,
- Fran

Anonymous said...

People of Singapore.

Act now before the LKY-LHL clan make you a minority in your own country.

Don't fear the old fart anymore.

Vote the b*astards out.


Anonymous said...

You must take your message to YouTube.

Start by posting this item "Singapore. Subservient lives".

Between now and the election, post a 1-2 minute YouTube video each week, that exposes the tyrant.

Stop thinking like a lawyer (which is mistake what everyone of LKY's opponents have done) and start learning to market your ideas.

You have enough material on your blog. Show the url of you blog at the end of each video.

Anonymous said...

It's up to God's timing to deal with tyrants and bad people. Look like you are instigating a riot in Singapore, from afar!

If old fart still wants to hang around in the next GE (not retiring), I think he will regrets if he is to lose a few more seats. Many top performance people have found that it is better to retire at the top of the rank/ popularity then having to lose everything and to bow out shamefully at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Good job Gopalan!!

Another issue that I would like to raise is Thaipusam, being an Indian I feel that the government discriminates us. As years go by, the Police are getting stricter by not allowing us to even sing our prayer hymns loudly, some how the older generation feels that sooner or later Singapore will turn into a complete Chinese state.

PAP talks about racial and religious harmony so that we all can have a better life but they seem to be doing the contrary. Chinese have more holidays than us, its getting from bad to worse as Singapore aligns itself with China.

Minorities would be wiped out very soon.

Anonymous said...

The opposition cry babies complain about how LKY controls the press and TV.

But, look at what YouTube can achieve -

The Whitman campaign disavowed Santa Clarita Councilman Bob Kellar's remarks ...

His videotaped remarks were posted on YouTube and caused an uproar.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Severely lopsided comments.

If you are so passionate about the Singapore government, how would you do anything differently besides emphasizing on human rights and political freedom, to bring Singapore to its stature today, with a GPD per capita second only to Japan in the whole of Asia.