Thursday, January 7, 2010

Singapore's state controlled media says "Ionescu Won't Return"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled the Straits Times newspaper's online edition of Jan 08, 2010 writes "Ionescu Won't Return (to Singapore)", something I correctly predicted in my earlier post.

Apart from diplomatic law which does not require him or his government to submit to the jurisdiction of Singapore, every other circumstance is in his favor too.

As I said, this is the unintended consequence a state (Singapore in this case) suffers as a result of their own bad conduct.

And you know what, not a single honest country in the world would fault Ionescu or his government for his refusal to return to a city state such as this.

First, Romania can argue that the Singaporean public are against his repatriation to Singapore. In fact it now shows that an overwhelming majority of Singaporeans are on his side and believe he should not return!

Why then, apart from a handful of anonymous writers in the Internet that demand his return, there has not been a single protest on the streets of Singapore demanding his repatriation, whereas had this happened in Sydney or Mumbai, there would have been mass protests!

In Singapore there has not even been a single peaceful protest, not even one before the Romanian Embassy in Singapore; which only means there is no popular support to demand his return.

It also means the people of Singapore do not believe the hogwash against him in their state controlled press. It actuially shows the vast majority of Signaproeans believe he is innocent since there are no protests at all!

Second, the International Bar Association in their 72 page report on Singapore recently clearly points out that Singapore does not have the rule of law, that their judges routinely misuse the law, and there is no guarantee that judges who unjustly destroy Lee Kuan Yew's political opponents in the courts can be expected not to be biased and not misuse the law in other cases. Ionescu cannot therefore expect a fair trial in Singapore.

Singapore an island city state with nearly 5 million people has only 3,000 lawyers! This by itself shows there is something patently wrong with the island despite it's claims to be an international city and so forth. It indicates more similarity with despotic regimes such as North Korea or Communist China where there are similarly very few lawyers as law is generally an occupation suitable for government sympathisers whose job it is to imprison and jail government critics. The same in Singapore.

In any case Ionescu has himself declared that he was never in the car at the time of the accident. On the principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty, no one can fault his right to assert his innocence.

The Romanian government has confirmed that they will conduct an investigation in their country while Ionescu is there.

And if Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government is serious about this matter as they claim in their state controlled press, they should send their witnesses in Singapore to be cross examined by Romanian lawyers in Bucharest.

I don't believe they will dare to do this, as they themselves do not seem very confident about themselves especially since there has not been a single Singaporean protester on the streets of Singapore demanding Ionescu's return.

The international community would have looked upon this situation very differently if Ionescu had been involved in an accident in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or any European country that is taken seriously by the nations of the world.

Singapore is a pariah state that denies basic human dignity to it's own people. In such a case, the world has to be on the side of Mr. Ionescu.

And I can bet you one more thing. Mr. Ionescu will never ever step into Singapore in his entire life.

Mr. Ionescu will not get a fair trial in Singapore. He stands a much better chance at a fair trial in Bucharest Romania, which has been accepted into and now part of the European Union, as an equal member as Germany and the UK. This by itself is a seal of approval for its administration of justice.

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