Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dr. Silviu Ionescu will not be repatriated to Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very sure Dr. Silviu Ionescu will not be repatriated to Singapore and if he was, like Charles Dickens would have said, "I will eat my head"!

And if Dr. Silviu Ionescu is reading this blog, my advise to him is the same. Don't ever step foot in Singapore.

And the reason why I am so adamant is this. Singapore's legal system has been disgraced. It has lost all respect. It's judges are corrupt and biased. Dr. Silviu Ionescu simply will not get a fair trial in that island.

Don't forget that Dr. Silviu Ionescu is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And with no guarantee that he will ever get a fair trial in Singapore's corrupt courts, the only sensible thing for him to do is to stay away as far as possible from Singapore. And the Romanian authorities should never force him to return to a legal system such as this.

If the Romanian government would prefer, they can submit to a trial in Bucharest, Romania before a Romanian court. The Romanian government would be serving it's interests and it's reputation by doing this, lest it be said that they are running away from justice.

Romania today has a fairer and more just legal administration with the fall of the Communist regime there. It is far better and fairer than the corrupt legal system that exists today in Singapore, a system which is used as a political tool to destroy political opponents.

I am sure Romania will not send this man back to Singapore and if he was ever to be given a trial, it can be done before a Romanian judge in a public courtroom.

Even Dracula, a native of Romania would rise from his grave if this man was ever sent to Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore island.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever lived in Romania to say that it has "a fairer and more just legal administration"? Haha, you should go there and you'll see how much you regret for what you said. The legal administration there is not only corrupt but also so cheap!

mycroft said...

Actually Gopalan, the rivers of blood released by WW1 resurrected Dracula a century ago and I have it on good authority that he is presently living a dream existence in the tiny island Republic of Singapore. Not a lot of people know that. As luck would have it the whole thing came about quite by accident, apparently.

With the experience of great age behind him, Dracula knew that the wonderfully bloody pickings of WW2 would inevitably come to an end just as the WW1 bonanza did eventually peter out. Floating idly about the globe in '42 looking for the next big hit he happened to stop by the island for a quick midnight snack and mused to himself worriedly, "Hmm, peace will likely break out soon and it's gonna become tough for me to dine out in Europe in future. The buggers know my trademark well. Those puncture marks are a dead giveaway, then there'll be the usual harrying and howling mob, burning torches, the midnight chase, the stake thru the heart - a real PITA (metaphorically speaking). There's gotta be a better way".

Just then he spotted an intense-looking Chinese teenager, tall for his race, ordering grovelling natives about in a pseudo-Japanese accent and thought with growing excitement, "Yes of course! That's it, by George I think I've got it! I'll just set up my very own l'il ol' fiefdom where no one has ever heard of me or Igor, my specialist foreign talent. Nothing too extravagant, just a herd of couple of million on the hoof so to speak; I'll just make up the rules as I go along to suit me, and zap! bam! powee! I'm gonna be set for 50 years of fine dining, dude!"

One swift bite later the self-important youth's soul was his and Vlad The Impaler was on his way to devising some of the coolest bleed-thy-captive schemes since Genghis was the doggy's bollocks in the blood-puddling stakes. Merciless flogging for the most trivial offences? Check. The gallows on any pretext? Natch. Heavy culling of excess animals by law to improve the quality of the breeding stock? Goes without saying. The Great Singapore Organ Sale you say? Sure thing.

What about judicially-sanctioned torture to leech out enough toe-curling waves of delicious pain 'n terror to energise the most jaded vampire? But of course. Mandatory state-run Ponzi plans to seize 'em by the balls so that their hearts 'n minds will follow? Yeah, baby! And how about loads and loads of lovely blood transfusions for me and my gal? Well, does a Merlion wee-wee into the Marina, m'sieur?

"And the nicest part is it's all done in the best possible taste," said Draculee to his loyal Mafiosi with a sigh of satisfaction. "Nobody expected the Chinese Inquisition".

Anonymous said...

I spend a lot of time in Romania every year and to even suggest that the courts are not corrupt is an insult to the thousands ruined by the corrupt Romanian courts.
There is corruption at all levels in Romania and it was worse than India was in the 60s.
About 10 dollars saves you a speeding fine.

Anonymous said...

Well, all I can say is we're all corrupt and the whole world has gone mad and because of that we don't notice it because we're all mad and thus, we think we're all normal. Yep. We're screwed.

Anonymous said...

Dude... I live in Bukit Panjang. I work late into the night. And now i fear everytime i cross the road at the green man i may get run over by some guy who's gonna get away scot free...

Before you put advise to some "good" men, please ask your conscience, do they deserve them? Have you thought from the view of the victims. They don't care about how corrupted whose government is. THEY WANT JUSTICE. Corrupt or not I am very sure the outcome by the Singapore courts will put some relief on the victims for the fact that the culprit has been punished.

Anonymous said...

I am sadden, sadden by the fact that you, as a lawyer, wrote such an irresponsible article. Apparently, you are supporting Silviu Ionescu. You mentioned that singapore legal system is corrupted. But your article is too, polically moved as well. You should reflect on yourself. And since you are an american now, mind your own country business, your country is in a mess now, or you might wan to help your country to repay some of their national debt?

Anonymous said...

hi guyz, my name is xiao ming johny, at least i dare to put my name down. why u guyz put annoymous write rubbish comments? where desuka? bo chi ah? i also scared leh, so i put annoymous and write my name down.


W.J said...

well, xiao ming johny, compared to the other comments, its obvious which one should be classified as "thrash" of the lot. At least people are sharing their views here. As a lawyer, Mr Gopalan Nair may have witnessed the legal system here in Singapore. However, he have not witnessed the Romaninan legal system to know whether it is biased or not. Fair enough, to him, perhaps the legal system in U.S appears to be fairer after comparing. But you have to agree that he is biased towards Singapore and thus giving this one sided account. I bet he will sing a different tone if the victim is his relative.

Anonymous said...

Gopalan Nair is yet another typical coward who only dares to express his views using the computer as his medium. I bet he will shrink himself into a spongeball if he were to speak in front of the victims' relatives. You are just making biased accusations against the Singapore jurisdiction. I can't imagine Singapore having polictians like you. My advice to you:" Stop hiding behind the computer screen and making senseless comments." You are just making yourself look sillier.

Lai Yinghan said...

How can Dr Silviu Ionescu do such a thing like that? This morning, in the news report, he still got the guts to warn the reporter to mind her words or she will be in jail! He still dare to deny after perpetrating these acts. I hope that he will get beaten up by people in broad daylight when he is expatriated to Singapore and on the way to the court. All the passers-by will just stand there do nothing. That's his retribution!

Dr. Law said...

Mr Gopalan Nair,
I seriously come to the conculsion that ur're just the same as Dr. Silviu Ionescu.Just plain coward whom don't dare to face the truth.For example,saying singapore has a corrupt jurisdiction law,ur a disgrace to the law society.Law here never been corrupt all these while but its gonna head that road if ur a lawyer here.The FACTS has shown he killed sumone n 2 others hurt.Dun talk about other country law eg. Romania if urself haven't been living there all ur damn life.FACTS is,Dr. Silviu should be HANGED to death for his COWARD CRIME...

Len said...

I was searching for the latest ramblings of a lying coward (no not Gopalan but Ionescu when I chanced upon this website. The entire diatribe against Gopalan Nair is all too true. He has perpetuated lies and falsehood and is testimony to his character or lack thereof. I'd like to see two things happen; one, that Ionescu is put behind bars for killing another human and two, that some international regulatory authority is set-up to hold morons like Gopalan responsible for their cowardly comments made couched behind a keyboard.
Not only does Gopalan encapsulate all the negatives everyone has made him out to be but he used the overtly liberal American system to seek political asylum in that country because that was the only way he would ever gain US citizenship.
No you are not a loser Gopalan but a quitter and that is more useless than any loser. We are glad to have you out of our proud nation because you are an absolute embarrassment to any family, organisation or country.
Please do not return your remains to contaminate our land when your time comes.

Anonymous said...

Here is some news from Romania :
The magistrates of Bucharest Tribunal ( a middle level court in Romanian justice sistem ) decided to deny the request of liberation from arest of the former diplomat Silviu Ionescu, the accused remains in arest and will be judged in this quality as an detained. The Romanian Court admitted the attorney appeal and mantained Ionescu in prison for another 30 days, on november 9th 2010.
On May 8th 2010 Silviu Ionescu has been arrested in Romania.
Corrupt or not , we do our job.
This is Europe !

Bogdan Marcu
Legal adviser
Bacau, Romania
November 23rd, 2010