Sunday, January 24, 2010

Singapore. Perhaps is time to bring out the 87 year old for a viewing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have not seen the 87 year old Singaporean "hero" Lee Kuan Yew on the front page of Singapore's official newspapers recently. And that is worrying many in certain sections. What if he is to die tomorrow? Worse still, what if he is already dead!

For one, I think his judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who uses her judge's job to eliminate his opposition is beginning to worry. What will happen to her without his protection! Will she have to escape to Chengdu Central China after all? Will her victim Dr. Chee soon Juan pursue her to China to seek justice? And the life in Chengdu is as you know not as much fun as in Singapore. A worrying prospect surely.

What is going to happen to TT Rajah's son, VK Rajah when he confessed to abusing the law to put away his master's critic Dr. Chee Soon Juan by saying "domestically as well as internationally, public governance in Singapore has been equated with integrity. To spuriously cast doubt on that would be to improperly undermine both a hard-won national dignity and a reputable international identity." Isn't this a blatant abuse of Singapore's constitution? Will he be held to account? If his master Lee does not appear in public very soon, will he have to go to the country of his father's homeland Sri Lanka? Will he be able to take with him the millions he got from his master?

And what about Lee's own son, whom nobody pays any attention to? Where will he have to go?

Is it not time therefore to show Lee Kuan Yew in public now to alleviate the justifiable fears of his friends? Can we expect the Singaporean state owned newspaper to show him off tomorrow, so these people can sleep peacefully at night, at least for another day?

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Anonymous said...

He is just 86 years old. Hasn't past his birthday yet.

Anonymous said...

it is best to have no more viewing of the old fart unless he is inside some coffin.

if i show up to view him, it is strictly for one reason only, i.e. to confirm it is finally good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah..they just showed him yesterday lah..looking good and strong for 86+