Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A letter from Gary Dickson in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A letter from Gary Dickson in Singapore. I have ommitted his contact particulars.

Gopalan Nair

From: Gary Dickson
Date: Thursday, January 7, 2010, 4:51 AM

Dear Mr Gopalan Nair,

I read your comments with interest. I believe in what you say and know you speak the truth.

I have been in Singapore now, eight years. I am a British citizen. I have spoken to many Singaporeans who have all said the same thing to me.....that Singapore is a democratic communist country. That Mr Lee Kuan Yew has control over the police, the courts and the press. All these i can see for myself.

I hate the way Singaporeans think they are above everyone else in Asia. The way that the true Singaporean acts (especially the chinese) is deplorable. They have this arrogance that defies belief. My wife is Filipino and i have more respect for her country than Singapore. Singapore, for me, is only a base for my work. Nothing else.

My company ask me to go permanent resident....but why should i permanently reside in a country that i loathe.....with a population that is racially,and financially, prejudicial.

I remember once, hearing a mother, scold her child for not studying at school. Her retort ended with "if you dont stick in at school, you wont get a good job. You'll end up at the shipyards". For me, thats the wrong message to send out to your child. For me, what is a good job?....a good job is one that you enjoy that gives you fullfilment and financial recompense. You could be a lawyer, earn big money, and be miserable. Or you can be a waiter, earn a little wage,and be very happy. For me, Singaporeans have a blinkered view of life and think everything revolves around having this fantastic job, with big money,big house,fancy car and a doesnt.

I also read with,a little smile on my face, about this with Dr Silviu. Yes, what has happened is terrible. A man lost his life, two others are hospitalised. I believe the man should stand trial.......if he is found to be the guilty party. He cannot be tried for murder, as its not premeditated. He could stand trial for manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility.But as you said, he wouldnt stand a fair trial in Singapore....even though the police said he wasnt seen, initially as a prime suspect, the Singapore public have already condemned this man.....i must admit though,the statement he gave about the car having been stolen earlier does sound a little fishy.....but i leave that up to the courts to decide if its true or not. The Singaporean public should get of there moral high ground and let the politicians and legal teams sort it out. If it was a Singaporean diplomat who done it, would the Singaporean public be crying "foul play"......i dont think so.

For me, Singapore is a melting pot of hypocrisy.My wife and i have both already said that one day we will head back to Philippines, or UK. Once i have made my money in Singapore that i want to make,then maybe then we can turn our backs on this pathetic nation.

Keep writing your blogs nair gopalan......i have enjoyed reading them.....more power to you. Should you decide to publish this letter, can you please omit my personal address, phone numbers and email address.

Thanks and regards

Gary Dickson


Anonymous said...

"If it was a Singaporean diplomat who done it, would the Singaporean public be crying "foul play"......i dont think so."

If it is Singaporean diplomat who is the culprit, the condemnation by the local will be even far worst than Dr Silviu because they know that those diplomats are nothing but Yes-man and lackeys of the Lees. Only the Shitty Media mouthpiece will paint the picture you portray as less worse and even biased. The blogosphere will call a spade a spade.

Another despicable change to kangaroo law in respond to your charge and the expose of Lee's court audio hearing in Dr Chee's court case .

Just in case, the ShittyTimes will take it down any moment, here is kangaroo content.

New contempt of court charges

UNAUTHORISED audio recordings of court proceedings are now liable to lead to contempt of court charges in new rules that kicked in in the new year.

The changes embodied in the gazetted Rules of Court 2009 also provide the courts with more power to act against anyone who obtains an unauthorised copy of a court transcript.

The move is among several rule changes approved by an 11-member Rules Committee, headed by Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong and includes Attorney-General Walter Woon and Judge of Appeal V. K. Rajah.

It comes following a recommendation from a report presented by a group reviewing the rules last year, which suggested taking action against those who reproduce court audio-recordings without approval.

Prior to the changes, those who applied for transcripts of the official court hearings had to seek approval and vouch not to reproduce or transmit it in any form or on any audio record supplied.

But the Supreme Court Registry found enforcement of the previous system difficult as the obligation was 'a mere contractual one,' according to the report.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Jan 06,1101,
Since you are so willing to speak your mind, why are you afraid of identifying yourself? Why the need for anonymity?
Just asking a polite question. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the island has less-than-rosy relationships with their neighbors.

When you have a few square kilometers to your name and a shrinking native population, it's easy to manage (read: intimidate) people.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr Gary Dickson will not condemn all Singaporeans as having a high-and-mighty moralistic demeanor, although I would agree that probably 66% of Singaporeans are guilty of it.

I personally was born in Singapore but I am planning to leave this country for good. I don't wish to be associated with this dictator run corporation, and want to distance myself from it.

Unlike some misguided fools who think Singapore is the best in everything (living standards, airport, cleanliness, etc...) I have nothing but shame for the current country I am living in. Third-rate foreigners flock into our country without any proper immigration screening. Citizens are 3rd-class residents on the island. We have no rights whatsoever. Our standard of living is equivalent to that of New York and yet our pay is equivalent to that of Russia. I have nothing to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with everyone above.

What have peeved me is that Singapore's cost of living is getting increasingly high and it seems to be the only country in the world where the government has implemented strategies (through HDB and even COE taxes, etc) to tie Singaporean citizens down to never ending loans that can last for a lifetime, while they are happily earning some huge profits from the escalating HDB flat prices, electricity rates, other fluctuating taxes from COE, GST, etc). It is becoming impossible for citizens in Singapore to live or retire comfortably in a beautiful house without monthly stress and worries in securing our livelihood just to ensure we have enough to finance repayment of loans to the bank - unless one wins TOTO or is a rich expat. Effectively speaking, we have to be Oxyporeans all our lives.