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Singapore. Repressive measures simply do not work.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was watching a documentary on the Dalai Lama on Public Television in Fremont, California, when he was asked whether there were similarities between him and the late Mahatma Gandhi of India. His answer was, the situation then with the British and now with the Chinese was totally different.

Even though the Indians were under the colonial heel of the British, yet he says, British India had the rule of law. Colonial British judges in India, despite the repressive colonial administration made sure that the principle of the rule of law was not violated, regardless who you were, British gentile Jew or Indian.

And surprisingly this fair mindedness was also evident in the apartheid racial regime of South Africa. Many times, prior to Mandela being eventually convicted and imprisoned in Robben Island, this regime had on several occasions tried to convict him on politically motivated charges and even trying to disbar him from law practice, but they never succeeded.

Each time, the South African courts, true to the rule of law, threw these false charges out. The government of South Africa may have been unjust but their judges made it clear that they will have no part in this dirty work.

No one, not even Mandela himself would claim that he was unjustly convicted of the capital crimes of sabotage and treason being caught red handed with explosives and incendiary devises.

Not according to the Dalai Lama, the present day Communist Chinese occupation forces. They have no sense of morality or justice to speak of. If the Dalai Lama were to be in Tibet today, the Chinese would probably torture and kill him. Not like the British in Colonial India who allowed the Mahatma all the comforts of a home while in prison, where he was allowed to write letters and read, and make political policy and directives from prison.

That is why today, despite the colonial past of Britain, it continues to hold the respect of the democratic nations of the world, as a respected member of the family of nations; whereas China is internationally treated as a brutal uncivilized country, whose people are all trying to flee to the West, and who forever are destined to play second fiddle as the coolies of the Western world, making widgets for them at dirt prices, content to be merely the workhouse of the world for miserable wages.

And Singapore is no different from another China, a small island which no one respects and which today has become the butt of international jokes.

China because of it's size, will trudge along making cheap products for the rest of the Western world, despite it's reputation as a country without the rule of law and which teats it's people as thrash.

When Singapore does the same, as it is doing now, it simply cannot survive. With its small size it simply cannot act the way China does, simply because it has nothing to offer.

Today, despite the daily drumbeat of good news spouting from its state controlled press, Singapore is finding it increasing difficult to keep going. And the reason is because of its bad name.

It is well known outside that it does not have the rule of law, with it's judges routinely abusing the law to please it's strongman Lee Kuan Yew over the decades, starting from JB Jeyaretnam in the 1970s right up to when he died last year, and to every other of Lee Kuan Yew's political opponents right up to the present day Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

This abuse of the law in the island is known throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the entire European Union, the Americas and worldwide. And what effect do you think this bad reputation has on business relations in the island? Every Australian and everyone else are loath to have any business dealings in the island and many simply stay away completely.

What is most important for a small country like Singapore is its reputation, because it does not have anything else, yes literally nothing else! And if you have lost that reputation, you will be losing a large part of business which you would have otherwise got.

And this knowledge of the lack of the rule of law causes many a Singaporean to leave it permanently for settlement elsewhere. And despite the government's best efforts to conceal this abuse of the law and its repressive policies, the cat has unfortunately got out of the bag. The educated of the world know it and they are refusing to settle in Singapore. Instead what you do get are illiterate Chinese from remote parts of China with no skills or ability and are of no benefit to the island.

Singapore openly flouts it's constitution in many other ways, besides these politically motivated cases. Despite the constitution mandating racial equity, it is being turned into a Chinese city with unprecedented levels of Chinese (just one race) being brought to settle in the island.

Singapore is doing almost everything what China is doing in Tibet. Just as Communist China brings in for settlement tens of thousands of Chinese from China into Tibet, deliberately to marginalize the local Tibetans in their country, in the same way, Lee Kuan Yew brings in tens of thousands of Chinese into Singapore so as to marginalize and decrease even further the native Malay and Indian populations in the island.

Today every Singaporean Indian and Malay is sick to the stomach and deeply embittered by these racially discriminatory policies of the Chinese Lee Kuan Yew regime. Every Singaporean today is burning with anger at the deliberate policy of eroding the rule of law until today; it has become simply a political tool of the ruling government. All this is simply destroying the country and making capable Singaporeans leave the island for settlement abroad.

Lee Kuan Yew, as suggested by his many self praising speeches seems to think that having a good infra structure is the sole element for nation building. To him, it appears as if nothing else matters. It is funny that he does not know better.

Shanghai, Shinzen and numerous other Chinese cities have world class infra structure, with bullet trains, glass towers and manicured lawns. Just like Singapore has. But this outward opulence appears to have done nothing for them. Until today, Communist China is nothing more than a big factory for the Western world; coolies working for pennies. It does not have democracy, no free press and no humanity whatsoever. The average Chinaman lives each day at the mercy of a small Communist oligarchy at the top. If given a chance, the entire Chinese population would move to the United States.

And the average Singaporean today is a carbon copy of the Chinese Chinaman, devoid of any freedom and living at the mercy of Lee Kuan Yew and his momentary whims and fancies. And that is why Singaporeans are not happy. They do not want to have any children. They are fed up with having to live at the mercy of Lee Kuan Yew or his son. If given a chance they want to get out of Singapore. Many who can do, leaving behind the "department store dummies" as Devan Nair once described these subservient Singaporeans.

Singapore is on the decline, make no mistake about it. And until Lee Kuan Yew decides to give his citizens the basic rights they deserve as human beings or if the people themselves rise up and grab it for themselves, Singapore will continue on its downward slope.

I have repeatedly encouraged Singaporeans to stand up for their rights. I think the people will eventually rise but my hope and desire is that they do it sooner than later.

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Who paid for this? The Singapore taxpayers?

Within 48 hours, SIA had fitted out SQ321 with medical support of oxygen tanks and other fixtures for a drip.

On board were also two Intensive Care nurses from Changi General Hospital, two doctors, as well as officials from SIA who made sure all the equipment worked.

Pull out all the stops to save Mrs. Dear Leader, eh!