Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Singapore we knew is dead.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The character of Singapore is changing rapidly. Singapore today is some other Singapore. Very soon it will be totally unrecognizable.

Earlier my deliberate false alarm that Lee Kuan Yew was ill ,as expected, caused an uproar, with reactions both welcoming and condemning.

Even so, we have not seen Lee Kuan Yew in public lately at all.

Since everything that matters in that island depends on the old 87 year old octogenarian, who has his finger in every pie, I reckon the city state will collapse and cease to function, the moment he dies.

If that happens I believe we will have a new free and democratic Singapore.

My confidence in this happening has been proven by history repeatedly.

Whenever dictators die, the country usually collapses, because the dictator never allows anyone else any power or political experience, and as a result there comes a political vacuum.

Since no one else has the respect of the people or the experience to go with it, it becomes a free for all, with peoples' pent up anger and grievances suddenly seeing the light of day.

For a while, there will be chaos and upheaval, which eventually settles and change takes place.

History has also shown that you don't need the masses to bring about change.

All you need is a couple of determined men and women with a cause and the rest is history. The population which until now has been dead will suddenly come alive.

My reckoning is Dr. Chee Soon Juan will be the man to look out for when that happens.

His cause is just and the people know it. The government in its attempt to paint him in bad light is finding the going increasingly difficult because it is almost impossible to make a man look bad when it is clear he is not.

This is what I am looking forward to. And it will happen very soon, thank God, since the dictator is 87 after all. And he cannot stop growing older by the day!

But if that change, unfortunately, does not happen and we still have to live under the grip of the dictator's son, Singapore's character, which has already changed will change completely and it will eventually collapse.

And this total collapse will similarly happen very soon.

Several forces working together will ensure this happening.

For one, you have a increasingly growing number of Singaporeans emigrating, for reasons which are both glaring and obvious.

Lack of freedoms, lack of jobs, lack of social welfare, racial discrimination against Malays and Indians, and the list goes on.

Secondly, being English educated, Singaporeans are well suited for migration overseas to the favored English speaking Western countries.

Also Singaporeans even if they do not appear to show much interests in human rights now, they will demand it time since it was part of their British colonial heritage, while it is difficult for a Chinese man in Communist China to understand this since he was never exposed to it at all.

Overseas Singaporeans once they appreciate the freedom and opportunities abroad, will persuade their friends and relatives left behind, to follow suit.

This vicious cycle of Singaporeans leaving permanently will continue, with overseas Singaporeans pulling more and more locals to join them.

I suspect this is already happening as shown by a recent Singapore survey which showed that almost all young Singaporeans expressed a desire to leave Singapore permanently if possible.

Except for the Malay population who are behind in education and skills, and other poorly qualified Chinese and Indians, who will be left behind; the vast majority will leave Singapore, and with Lee Kuan Yew's present policy of bringing in unprecedented numbers of Communist Chinese, Vietnamese, and Burmese; even though they may look like Singaporean Chinese, they are simply not the same.

These human imports will lack the skills that native Singaporeans had no matter how much Lee tries and more importantly it will take several generations for them before they have any real loyalty to their adopted city state, unlike the now absent native Singaporeans.

All these disadvantages will converge to to make Singapore simply less competitive than what little competitiveness it had in the past with the native Singaporeans.

As if all this was not bad enough, Singapore's fertility rate is far below replacement level, which means Lee will have to continue bringing in increasing numbers of foreigners, not only for unskilled work but also for managerial positions in both the public and government sectors.

Singapore may end up, if it has not already, with government ministers and politicians from Communist China, Burma or Vietnam and various other places.

These new immigrant high officials will have to paid enormous amounts in the hope that they will not abandon the city state, since they cannot be expected to have the loyalty and ties you would expect of a true third generation Singaporean.

All this is very bad news. The result of course will be an unrecognizable free for all island city state; unstable, immoral and dictatorial, like a ship which has lost it's heading, and simply drifting blind.

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Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew tries to laid a big yoke over your neck. Luckily you are not in Singapore otherwise you will be like the cow working day and night and finally sent to the gallow. This is called "kill the roaster to teach the monkeys how to behave" method of terrorism.

mycroft said...

The Singapore we used to know and love is NOT dead, Gopalan. Demonstrably, it lives on in your heart, in mine, in Dr. Chee's, and in all of our generation who will see out the tottering octogenarian and his elderly stone-faced clique.

We, all of us, do remember a kinder, gentler, warmer-hearted Singapore long before the blatant greed and contempt for any civilised value that could not be priced turned it into a city of slaves runming an endless treadmill and ruled by fear alone. None of us is fooled by the facade of glittering clothing concealing the reality of a leprous body politic.

The traitorous creature responsible for this has led a remarkably charmed existence from his dark past during WW2 through to his present climate-controlled hegemony. He sits giggling, aged 87, atop a throne built of ruined lives but not for very much longer. 'Forever' always ends with the sound of hammer on coffin nail, doesn't it?

Perhaps it was ordained that we Singaporeans should have to undergo this stress test for is it not said that into each life some rain must fall? Trial by fire has made some of us far stronger now, in particular Dr. Chee who is unquestionably Singapore's true son and the rightful heir to the premiership.

We will undo PAP's debased and immoral values and restore civilisation to our poor, battered but beloved land. That too, I feel, is ordained.

Old LEE said...

Modern Singapore is built in LEE image as LEE's playground.

A number of Singaporeans are either mini-LEE, LEE doubles, LEE accomplices in crime, LEE puppets or simply ignorant LEE fans.

But still the memory of old Singapore lives on. The people and the places - how can we forget the old Singapore.

Incidentially, an overseas HongKong TV channel is now reminiscing HK colonial days when "British rules the wave".

These days, with Chinese gifts of monetary rewards to buy over the hearts of HK and its greedy servants, "The Chinese are waving the rules" HK looks awkward having a CCP as master and calling Beijing its capital.