Saturday, March 13, 2010

Singapore's unbecoming response to my blog post of Lee Suffering a heart attack.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state owned and controlled newspaper or propaganda sheet, which ever way you look at it, the Straits Times online edition of March 13, 2010 has this story "Ministry of Information Communications and the Arts. Netizens can self regulate. Minister praises the sceptical reaction to claim that MM was ill" about my deliberately incorrect claim about Lee Kuan Yew's illness.

I have to say, this uncontrollable outburst by this island city state, Singapore; a so called first world country is totally unbecoming and totally disproportionate to my blog post about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew.

In fact I am going to totally ignore Singapore's high ranking officer, Minister for Information Communication and the Arts, Lui Tuck Yew, a handpicked toady of Lee Kuan Yew.

On March 6, 2010 in this blog "Singapore Dissident", I wrote the following blog post which all of Singapore has read "Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack".

This report was deliberately untrue and posted by me to show the calamitous consequence of such a happening in Singapore, a dictatorship, with everything and everybody dependent on this tottering old 87 year old man, now hard of hearing and losing both his mind and body with age, and one foot in the grave.

Since this was a deliberate act to test the reaction in Singapore and nothing more, it was important to correct this report by revealing it's untruth quickly, which I did the next day in the same blog by adding the words to the title "Update; March 7, 2010, this is a hoax"

On the same day I wrote another blog "My last post about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew was a hoax. However it was deliberate."

According to this Singapore government state controlled official mouthpiece, this Minister in Lee Kuan Yew's government, in response, says "Secondly when he (Gopalan Nair) confessed that it was a hoax, many sites actually came out to condemn him roundly and many netizens themselves did so".

Anyone knowing any English would know that my correction of my earlier deliberate untrue blog posting, was hardly a "confession".

In the English Language "confession" means, "to tell or make known (as something wrong or damaging to oneself) Websters 9th Collegiate Dictionary.

In other words it is something that a criminal does to admit his crime.

I have not done anything wrong to make a confession. I intended it. I haven't confessed to anything.

Of course, Singaporeans who have some understanding of English would realize that.

When asked to a question in Parliament why the government of Singapore did not come out with an official response immediately, he answers that he did not want to "dignify the hoax with a formal response" then.

Well what is that he is doing now in Parliament? Was he not "dignifying" my hoax, with his answer in the parliament of the island city state?

If he did not want to "dignify" my hoax, would it not have been better not to reply at all?

Why the need to direct his state controlled newspapers to publish his response? Who is he trying to fool?

And then he goes on to state that I (Gopalan Nair), should be "treated with the contempt he deserves. All it shows is the character of the man"!

Surely this Minister is being carried away by his anger!

What did I do to deserve such "contempt"! And why is my "character" so bad just because I wrote a fictitious blog post in this blog! One would have thought I was a serial murderer, having just slit the throats of 20 people in broad daylight!

We all understand of course that Lui Tuck Yew, this handpicked government scholar placed in the position of Minister by Lee Kuan Yew, as is the fashion for all other Ministers in the island city state, is trying very hard to please his master.

But surely the need to show "contempt" for me is a bit too much.

What it does in fact show is that this island city state is so insecure and so totally dependant on this tottering old 87 year old man for survival that if in fact he were to die, the small island will indeed collapse.

And that is why any attempt by anyone to even suggest such an unthinkable event, has to be discredited with everything at their disposal.

Surely I have proven my point.

And as for me, I am not going to "dignify" such an outburst of a Minister in an island city state, a response thoroughly unbecoming of a so- called city state, which it likes to think is First World.

It is more like something you would expect of some Third World banana republic in Sub Saharan Africa.

I am simply going to ignore him. And that my friends is what he deserves.

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JamesTan said...


Any Singaporeans reading your forum needs to remove him/herself from denial and see for themselves the lies the PAP machinery is capable of. This is a good example of distorted information generated from the supreme cannot-be-questioned leaders.

I was so scared of the devil that PAP govt had transformed itself into - that I left the island many years ago.

My decision is right,
1. I end up in a society where the govt of the day his held accountable for its actions. There are lapses because the pollies (politicians) do serve themselves first before the people (It is the same everywhere including Singapore)

2. I end up in a compassionate society where families are valued highly.

Recently, one of the state govt here gave a controversial quarter million loan to an ex-drug addict who destroyed her transplanted liver and had to go Singapore (Australia and NZ cannot perform the same transplant twice legally) for a live liver transplant.

I ask why? Because a govt cannot be seen allowing a citizen to die, not when she has extended family support and is a mother of 2 kids. There are also suggestions that the new liver failed in the drug treatment.

I do not approve of this decision, but it does show one thing about the WA LIBERAL govt (it has a heart) and its action (decision making may be flawed but it does not shy away from tough decision and its intention is good) (It are later found out that the govt cannot legally give out loans, so the contract was changed so that the patient's family will repay the loan in 2 years).

As for Singapore where the liver transplant takes place. I do not recall any statement make by the No-moral PAP govt. I think they welcome the money but keep quiet about the whole matter because it is a "private" matter.

Very convenient for corruption and no law too!!!

LEE said...

Secret messages in 144th newspaper.
The LEEporter called GC's post

'fear mongering', 'malicious', 'distasteful' and 'shameless'.

Me: Who is causing that, HARRY LEE and his gangs of LEEyers & LEEporters using LEE laws? GN is just blogging. He cannot move policies of a nation.

LEEporter: 'Such a poor and bad lie that it does not help anyone or any process,' wrote blogger Sam Ho.

Me: Who is Sam Ho? Ho Ching's son? Wake up the Department Store dummy is a good result, but LEE laws will ensure those who wake up will suffer the LEE laws treatment, hence "it is not helpful" and better return to be DUMMIES.

'It's not even April Fool's Day yet,' wrote another Facebook user.

Me: "No-face" LEE laws apply 365 days, why must GN wait for April Fool Day when the Department Store Dummies are fooled daily by giving ministers million dollar pay?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not very highly evolved creatures.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Dear Leader.

Oh, this is where he has gone to:
"Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew will visit the United Kingdom from tomorrow until Friday, March 12."

Did the Singapore Taxpayer pay for the flight?
Business class, 1st class or coach?
Where did he stay? Who paid for this?

Why won't anyone tell us anything?
Are we, the humble citizens, not important enough to be told?

Maybe it is an investment trip on behalf on GIC. He wants to put money, i.e. your CPF, into Lehman Brothers, Northern Rock, and Bear Stearns.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up. Now that u have every ones attention, u need to pull out another rabbit form the hat. Wait for closer to election time. Get your ammo ready to blast away during the so called cooling off day. put the heat on them during this day...They are all bloody headless chickens with out the old man around...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,

Like all fallible humans, Singapore most famous movie director Jack Neo has joined Tiger Woods in sex scandals.

So far, 11 women, as young as 16yo.

Why does he do it? Like sports stars who were caught in the acts, they thought they are entitled to do things that "the masses" should not.

Remember that, and now think of what Lee Kuan Yew and his entitlement PAP people & cronies are doing now.

Which human is perfect?

Anonymous said...

Where Lui Tuck Yew and his political masters, LKY-LHL, get their inspiration from (marching orders?)

Every year in China, Internet executives are officially rewarded for their "patriotism."

"China Internet Self-Discipline Award."

Anonymous said...

Lui Teck Yew retired from the post of Rear Admiral to assume the post of Rear Admirer.

Have a brain, and stop parrotting your masters' wishes.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Mainstream Media A Trusted News Source.

Lui Tuck Yew said there were many reasons why this was so, and one key reason was that the mainstream media in Singapore had continued to remain a trusted news source.

Yeah, so was Pravda, Isvestia (sp), Xinhua

This guy is the best of Singapore's scholars?? Obviously he has learned nothing from his overseas education stints.

More likely he dare not say anything to displease his masters, the LKY-LHL dynasty. As a bonded scholar, he knew that his rice bowl was in Singapore.

Lui must be enjoying his high salary as a minister - $2,000,000.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note your post about LKY's passing again exposed the serious flaws in the Singapore political setup. LKY must be banging his head against the wall. Poor guy.

But on a lighter note I am enjoying you leading them by their noses every now and then into mud.

Pen is indeed mightier than a sword.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where you get your idea about LKY going to the hospital. It is now open knowledge the old man periodically goes for a fresh transfusion of blood. Lesser mortals go for an oil change for their cars, this blood sucker goes for the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Friend, I like to read your Blog. You really throw at them where no Singaporean dares to do it. Old Fart should retire at the advice of Buddhist monk in Bright Hills long ago. He is paying his prices for stayig till now and corrupting his Leegime with extorbitant costs of paying his cronies. He paid himself and his son $M of dollars for doing nothing and to wayang along for money.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is where he has gone to:
"Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew will visit the United Kingdom from tomorrow until Friday, March 12."

Did the Singapore Taxpayer pay for the flight?
Business class, 1st class or coach?
Where did he stay? Who paid for this?

erh, if you must know, he travels suite class. u know, the new type on A380. or at the very least, first class.